Why Pizza and Game Night Are a Match Made in Heaven


Oh, the infamous game night. 

You know the one– where Mom, Dad, and the three kids sit down for a beautiful night of family bonding, quality time, and lots of laughter. Everyone’s had a long week, and engaging in an array of the family’s favorite board games is just the thing to give the brain a rest, induce socialization, create a fun atmosphere for everyone involved, but then… 

“What was that?” “Tommy won?” “Not again!” “He’s a cheater!” “You’re all cheaters!” “I will never win!” “I’m never playing games with you guys again!” 

Everyone’s suddenly a bit more competitive than they led on to be. 

Oh, the infamous game night.

If only, there was something that could distract from the chaos. Something that both the kids and parents loved just enough to forget that games are only fun when you’re the winner. Something fresh and tasty sitting in the middle of the coffee table, amidst the stacks of games, ready to satiate everyone’s appetites. Something to cure competitiveness, hostility, frustration, and “hangriness”…

The greatest cure of them all: pizza.

Pop a pizza in the oven just before game night and make it the centerpiece for the whole family to enjoy as the games begin. It’s guaranteed to slow or even stop the arguments altogether. 

Well, that is, if everyone gets an equal number of slices. 

3 Reasons Why Pizza Pairs Well With Gamenight

  1. It’s easy to make, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy game night.

The best things in life are pre-made. Grab a couple of The Pizza Plant frozen pizzas from the store, put them in the oven, and voilà! Focus on spending time with family and friends during game night, while diving into some piping hot, mouth-watering pizzas. Pizza is quick and easy to make and won’t disappoint!

  1. Who doesn’t love pizza? (Crazy people. That’s who.)

Satisfy all who attend game night. Whether you’re making a pizza from scratch or buying pre-made ones from the store, the wide variety of choices when it comes to pizza toppings means that there’s something for everyone. 

Are you or your family members plant-based, or do you maybe have a friend who is dairy-free? Grab The Pizza Plant plant-based pizzas in the frozen section of your grocery store. Our pizzas are organic, plant-based, and dairy-free. (They also taste incredible!) The Pizza Plant pizzas are delicious, easy-to-prepare, and make a fantastic meal for game night.

  1. Pizza and games. Sounds like a perfect night to me!

When your friends are fully invested in a game of Monopoly, they won’t want to have to take a pause to swirl their forks in a bowl of pasta, or to use both of their hands to take a messy bite of a burger. 

They’ll want to be able to roll the dice in one hand, while holding a fresh slice of pizza in the other. Pizza also doesn’t take up much space on the game table compared to other meals that require multiple sets of plates, bowls, and utensils. 

Just be sure to put out some napkins for your friends and family to use– pizza and game night go well together, but marinara-sauce-fingers and playing cards don’t!

What’s the Only Thing Better Than Pizza on Game Night? Plant-based Pizza on Game Night!

Pizza is one of the easiest, tastiest dinners of them all. But, what’s even more enjoyable is plant-based pizza. Better for you and the environment, plant-based pizza is the perfect, simple meal to satisfy your friends and family. 

The Pizza Plant pizzas are 100% plant-based, organic, and scratch made. They come pre-made and only need to be put in the oven before being served up. And, by the way, they’re delicious. Our Organic Thin Crust Dough is made of 00 flour, creating a perfectly crispy pizza crust when baked, and our Mozzarella Style Cashew Nut Cheese is melty, gooey, and even better than traditional dairy cheese. 

Now you can relax on game night, knowing that dinner is easy to prepare and will not only be tasty for all friends and family members, but healthy as well.

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