If you’re plantbased and have kids (or are planning on having kids), you may be worried about raising your kids on a plantbased diet. Do you only offer them plantbased foods or do you allow them to choose their own diet? Do you explain to them why you chose to go plantbased or let them come to their own conclusions?

Do kids even like plantbased foods or do they just like chicken nuggets and string cheese? (Spoiler: there are plantbased versions of those!) 

Raising kids is hard! There are lots of factors to think about in ensuring that you’re helping them grow up to be the best versions of themselves. And, if you’re plantbased, a major one of those questions will be… Should I raise my kids plantbased? 

Of course, we can’t make that decision for you, and we recommend doing your own research to determine what is best for your kids and family. However, what we can tell you is that kids love plantbased foods! It’s true. Although we typically think of kids as being averse to foods like broccoli and spinach, there are actually tons of plantbased food options and alternatives that kids adore. Furthermore, many kids love the reasons behind going plantbased, and we’ll get into that more below. 

Try out a plantbased diet with your kiddo… You may be surprised to find just how much they enjoy it! If you find this post inspiring, make sure to share it with a friend or family member, so that they feel empowered to talk about the plantbased diet with their kids. 

Now, let’s break down why kids love the plantbased diet!

  1. Kids love animals

    It’s no secret that most kids are animal lovers. And, many times, when kids find out where the meat on their plate came from, they aren’t too happy to say the least. Lots of kids love eating plantbased because it means saving animals and doing their part to discourage animal cruelty. In a 2019 study that questioned 1,000 children between the ages of 8-16, 70% said that they wanted to see more vegan and vegetarian meals on their school lunch menu, and 44% of these children said that their motivation came from wanting to be kinder to animals. We love animals too, and will have to agree that this is a great reason to go plantbased!
  1. Kids love the environment

    Similar to their love for animals, most kids are also pretty interested in the planet and being environmentally conscious. Kids understand the terrible effects of climate change, and are the up-and-coming generation responsible for caring for the planet. Many of them are interested in going plantbased if it means helping the earth. In that same study that we mentioned above, 31% of the kids said that their motivation for going plantbased came from wanting to help the environment. Go plantbased for the planet, kiddos! 
  1. Plantbased foods are tasty

    There are some delicious, plantbased foods out there! In fact, in response to the growing amount of kids wanting to go plantbased, and the new generation of parents who demand healthier, plantbased foods for their kids, there are tons of delicious, plantbased foods and snacks on the market that are made just for kids. Check out this list of healthy, plantbased snacks for kids. There are also tons of tasty, pre-made, plantbased meals out there that kids enjoy. If your kid loves pizza, have them try The Pizza Plant! Our pizzas are 100% plantbased, Organic, scratch-made, and kid and parent approved. If you’re looking for an easy-to-prep dinner that’s better for you, your kids, and the planet, The Pizza Plant is the way to go. For more ideas of kid friendly, plantbased meals to prepare, head here

We hope you feel super inspired to talk to your kids about a plantbased diet, or to have them try out some plantbased meals. Be sure to share this post, and then head to your local grocery store or shop online for The Pizza Plant!

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