If you’ve read a restaurant menu recently, you probably noticed there were a couple fully plantbased, vegan-friendly options on it. If you’ve taken a lap around your local grocery store recently, you probably spotted a full section dedicated to plantbased foods. If you’ve read a health magazine or watched one of those corny doctor talk shows recently, you probably heard something about how reducing your intake of animal-derived foods is a healthy, preferable choice to make. What do all of these scenarios have in common? They all indicate that plantbased diets are growing in popularity! As of January 2021, a study found that about 79 million people worldwide partake in a fully plantbased diet. In the U.S. alone, around 9.7 million people are plantbased eaters. One study suggests that the U.S. has seen a 40% increase in veganism across the country. 

So, why are so many people going plantbased? Well, we’re here to give our two cents! We may be a bit biased, but we think that the plantbased diet is growing in popularity because it’s the best diet out there. It’s great for your health, as well as the health of the planet. It gives you an opportunity to try and enjoy tons of amazing fruits, vegetables, and other foods of the earth that you may not have reached for before. It may even open your eyes to new delicious, plantbased meals like The Pizza Plant! Our pizzas are 100% plantbased, scratch-made, and simply delicious. If you’re new to the plantbased lifestyle, are a tried-and-true vegan like us, or are simply curious about what veganism has to offer – you’ve got to try them out. Head to your local grocery store or shop online today for The Pizza Plant. We can guarantee, you wont’ regret it.

Here are 4 reasons why plantbased diets are growing in popularity:

  1. Plantbased diets are great for your health.

    This may not come as a shock to you, but eating more plants and less animal-derived foods is amazing for your health and overall well-being. Better yet – there are tons of scientific studies that have supported this. Sticking to a plantbased diet may lower blood pressure, promote heart and brain health, prevent Type 2 Diabetes, lower the risk of cancer, and improve cholesterol. Other studies have suggested that plantbased diets may even increase your overall lifespan. With a healthier body, comes a healthier mind. Eating whole, plantbased foods can make you feel good from the inside out, leading to a better quality of life. Cool, right? 

  1. Plantbased diets are helpful for the planet.

    It’s no secret that our planet could use some extra love nowadays. And going vegan is one of the best ways to give it some. By strictly eating plantbased foods, you directly help the planet in many ways, including by reducing your carbon footprint, conserving water, promoting cleaner air, and protecting animals and their habitats. Livestock production in the meat and dairy industries is one of the leading causes of climate change, and the only way to combat this is for humans to stop purchasing and consuming as many animal products. Basically what we’re saying is – whether you’re eating plantbased for health, preference, or environmental reasons, the planet thanks you, big time. Tons of people stick to a plantbased diet to aid the planet and the animals that inhabit it.

  1. It’s becoming easier and easier to eat plantbased.

    Hey – we’re social beings! The more that other people do something, the more likely we are to do it too. On a smaller scale, we copy fashion trends, the kinds of cars people drive, and the ways people decorate their homes all the time. So, it’s no surprise that as more people go plantbased, we’re going to want to check out that lifestyle too! Furthermore, as more people have switched to a plantbased diet, the food industry has been forced to cater to it. The more that people go plantbased, the more delicious plantbased foods come onto the market, which inspires more people to try out plantbased foods, and so on. You see what we’re getting at here?

  1. Plantbased foods are delicious!

    If you’ve been consuming animal-derived foods your whole life, it may seem daunting to switch to a fully plantbased diet. But, we can guarantee that once you do, you’ll think, “hey, this isn’t as scary as I thought!” Not only are plantbased dishes easy to make and consistently easier to find at restaurants and markets – but they’re really, really tasty! Plus, most traditionally non-vegan foods can easily be made vegan. Don’t believe us? Then try out The Pizza Plant! Both of our signature pizzas are made with wholesome, plantbased ingredients, including a Mozarella Style Cashew Nut Cheese, and savory plantbased meats. For a vegan take on a pepperoni pizza, try our Everything But The Hog Plantbased Pizza. For a pizza topped with plantbased sausage, go for our Salsiccia Italiano Plantbased PizzaShop online or head to your local grocery store for The Pizza Plant plantbased pizzas! Plantbased diets are growing in popularity because The Pizza Plant exists – we think so, at least. 

Now that you have a little more clarity on why plantbased diets have become so popular, it may be time to go plantbased yourself! Or, if you’re already a plantbased eater, share this post with a friend or family who could use a little nudge to try out the diet themselves. 

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