Where To Find Plantbased Wines


Did you know that some wines aren’t plantbased? Yep, it’s true! Although we commonly think of wine as coming straight from fermented grapes, there’s often a step in wine-making that involves animal products. Many wine-makers use a process called “fining” to get rid of any unwanted ingredients in the wine– and fining usually involves adding one of four animal proteins to the wine: egg whites, gelatin, casein (which comes from milk), or isinglass (which comes from fish). But, not to fret! In the new plantbased era, there are tons of plantbased wines on the market that are made without the use of animal products.

Are you plantbased and also a wine lover? The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive! Here are 4 of the best places to find your perfect plantbased wine. 

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1. Thrive Market

This online marketplace is a great place to find clean and plantbased wines. You do need a subscription to Thrive Market to place an order, but getting a subscription is well worth it! They have tons of great plantbased items beyond wines, and when you click to their wine section, you can filter the page to just show vegan wines. They have a variety of whites, reds, and rosés to choose from.

Shop wines on Thrive Market here

2. Vegan Vines

This online wine shop offers a wide selection of high-quality plantbased wines. On the website, you can purchase individual wines or sign up for a “Wine Club” membership to receive plantbased wines on a seasonal basis. They have a unique selection of memberships, with our personal favorites being the “Signature” memberships that include plantbased cheeses with each shipment. If you’re a plantbased wine-lover, a Vegan Wines subscription is the way to go! 

Shop wines on Vegan Wines here

3. Trader Joe’s

    Trader Joe’s is a go-to grocery store for many plantbased eaters– and it’s for good reason! They carry tons of easy, plantbased foods and beverages, and it’s no surprise that they sell many plantbased wines as well. You can pick up a bottle of plantbased wine at Trader Joe’s, and pair it with one of the plantbased cheeses that they sell. We’ve added a link below to a list of plantbased wines at Trader Joe’s, but they’re always adding new products to their shelves, so be on the lookout for new plantbased wines at your local TJ’s! 

List of plantbased wines at Trader Joe’s

4. Organic Wine Exchange

For another great online option, check out Organic Wine Exchange. On the website, you can filter for vegan wines and shop from hundreds of options. This site is great if you have a specific wine in mind, as they carry a wide variety of plantbased wines that range in popularity and price. You can purchase individual bottles or join their “Vegan Wine Club” for a monthly delivery of tasty vegan wines, straight to your door.

 Shop wines on Organic Wine Exchange here

Feeling like you could use a glass of some tasty, plantbased wine? Click the links above to find the bottle that’s just right for you! 

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