When It Comes To Vegan Chicken Nuggets, Which Brand Is Most Nutritious?


If you take a trip to the frozen section of your local grocery store, you’ll probably notice there are quite a few brands of vegan chicken nuggets on the market! And, if you’ve been vegan for quite some time, you’ll know it certainly hasn’t always been this way. The sharp rise of the plantbased diet has come with new vegan brands popping up left and right with new, healthier, tastier, and more realistic versions of fully vegan meat alternatives, like chicken nuggets. This is, of course, great news for vegans, as we now have more options than ever before when it comes to quick and easy to cook protein sources. However, having so many options to choose from at the market can also be overwhelming and make us beg the question, which of these brands creates the healthiest, most wholesome, yet still delicious vegan chicken nuggets? Well, consider that question (almost) answered! Today, we’re going to break down some of the most nutritious vegan nuggets out there, so you never have to blindly guess at the grocery store again.

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Here are a few of the more nutritious vegan chicken nugget brands out there and why:

  1. MorningStar Farms

    This is definitely one of the more “OG” plantbased meat companies out there, getting their start in 1975. They offer quite a few different options when it comes to vegan nuggets, including classic, barbecue, sweet mustard, and zesty ranch. Not only are they delicious, but provide 12g of soy-based protein per serving and 42% less fat than real chicken nuggets, making them relatively healthier.

  1. Simulate Chicken Nuggets

    These nuggets are much newer on the market and come from Simulate, a food technology company based in New York City. They taste incredibly similar to real chicken nuggets and are made from a mix of wheat and soy protein. Although they taste like real nuggets, they have far less fat, are 100% cholestoral free, and are high in protein, making them one of the healthier plantbased options. 

  1. Gardein

    This is another popular vegan meat brand, and it’s for good reason. Their vegan chicken nuggets taste so similar to real ones that many consumers say they are not able to tell the difference. They’re made from primarily wheat protein and flour, and contain only 0.5g of saturated fat and less than 1g of sugar. Safe to say, if you’re deciding between eating a regular chicken nugget and a Gardein one, go for Gardein (it’ll taste almost exactly the same while being much more nutritious!) 

Which nuggets should you be reaching for next time you make a grocery run? 

Sorry if you don’t like decision-making, but this one’s really up to you! “Healthy” is truly a subjective term, and while one person may find some of the above vegan chicken nugget brands to fit well in their diet, others may not. It is important to note that although these vegan foods are more nutritious than your traditional chicken nugget, they are processed foods. You are always better off reaching for a wholesome dish made from simple, plantbased ingredients. Balance is key – and at The Pizza Plant, we love indulging in vegan chicken nuggets from time to time! 

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