What Differentiates Our Plantbased Pepperoni From Our Plantbased Sausage?


If you’ve tried either of our signature plantbased pizzas, then congrats! You’ve also tried one of our mouth-wateringly delicious plantbased meats. Our Salsiccia Italiano plantbased pizza is topped with a savory, spiced-to-perfection plantbased sausage, while our Everything But The Hog plantbased pizza is sprinkled with a tastier-than-ever plantbased pepperoni. Whether you’ve tried them both or haven’t had the chance to try either, we guarantee you’ll be running to your nearest grocery store to pick them up after reading this post! 

Today, we’re breaking down just what differentiates our plantbased pepperoni from our plantbased sausage. What exactly gives them their unique flavor profiles and if they’re both plantbased, why don’t they just taste the same? Keep on reading to find out! And once you’re finished, be sure to head to your local grocery store or shop online for The Pizza Plant.

Let’s kick this off with what makes our two plantbased meats similar. For starters, they’re both plantbased. Yep – 100% vegan and made from plants! This means that they’re both better for you and the environment as compared to traditional meats. Second, they both primarily get their amazing flavor from a delicious blend of spices, which we’ll break down in further detail below. Next, they both contain all Organic ingredients – meaning they are not derived from harmful pesticides or farming practices. Lastly, (and not to get cheesy here) they’re both delectably delicious. But we can only preach about that so much on our blog – you’ll have to taste them for yourself to really know what we’re talking about!

Now, let’s dive into a few things that differentiate our plantbased pepperoni from our plantbased sausage:

  1. Their bases

    Although both our sausage and pepperoni have a meaty texture just like the real thing, their bases are slightly different. Our pepperoni begins with an organic tofu base, which allows for it to take the shape of a thin pepperoni slice. Our sausage, on the other hand, begins with an organic vital wheat gluten that is able to be crumbled like a real sausage topping would be. The primary reason we differentiate the bases is for texture purposes, as we want our plantbased meats to resemble real meats as closely as possible. Our pepperoni has a similar thin and crispy texture to real pepperoni, while our sausage has a similar thicker and more chewy texture like real sausage.

  1. Their spices

    As we mentioned above, spices play a major role in creating the delicious flavor of our plantbased sausage and pepperoni. However, although both of our plantbased meats contain a wide array of spices, they aren’t all the same. One key spice in our plantbased sausage is organic fennel, which provides a slightly sweet aftertaste that balances out the savory nature of the other spices. For our plantbased pepperoni, organic chile and organic paprika are the key players, providing that slightly spicy flavor you know and love. For a full list of all the spices included in our plantbased sausage and pepperoni, click here

  1. Their flavors

    This one may seem obvious, but it’s quite important. The biggest differentiator between our plantbased sausage and pepperoni is the way they light up your tastebuds (which they both do, by the way!) As we’ve said previously, a big goal in creating our plantbased meats was to make them taste as close to the real thing as possible. Why, you may ask? Because at The Pizza Plant, we’re all about making it as easy and enjoyable as possible to go plantbased. Switching over to a vegan diet doesn’t have to mean giving up all of the different food profiles you love, and it especially doesn’t mean only eating vegetables for the rest of your life. Our plantbased meat toppings are a true testament to that. Whether you reach for our plantbased sausage pizza or our plantbased pepperoni one, prepare to enjoy an incredibly nostalgic flavor that tastes close to real meat – minus the meat, of course! 

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