Vegetarian Pizza Toppings: There’s More Than You Think

Step away from the kitchen for a moment and into the classroom. Elementary school teachers have utilized pizza as a tool to educate young students about food production and farming, and we think that’s a brilliant idea—even more so if they use a plant-based pizza (like ours). Vegetarian pizza toppings can introduce kids to a number of fruits and vegetables outside of their narrow perspective of cheese and pepperoni, and when you connect that back to the actual farm, minds broaden as urban kids realize those toppings had to come from somewhere—not from the store, or a box, or a can, but the earth. Unfortunately, too many students grow up into adults with little understanding of this farm to fork concept, and we want to change that. Together, let’s broaden our pizza horizons and look at all of the crazy delicious vegetarian pizza toppings that take dinner to the next level.

Sauce Is a Topping

Vegetarian pizza topping rule number one: the pizza must start with an exceptional sauce. The organic marinara sauce we make is nothing fancy—just tomatoes, a touch of safflower oil, and spices—but it provides just the right amount of complimentary acidity and a touch of sweetness to balance out our spicy tofu-based pepperoni or savory wheat-based sausage crumble. We also know there are “extra-sauce” lovers out there, and for these individuals, we’re creating a The Pizza Plant pizza kit that comes with a giant sauce packet, so you control the ratio of sauce to crust. Keep an eye on our Instagram (@thepizzaplantusa) for the release of these kits. 

Cheese: The Holy Grail of Vegetarian Pizza Toppings

For years, plain cheese pizza was the standard for vegetarians. We personally crave a bit more variety, but we also know that cheese is a non-negotiable when it comes to vegetarian pizza toppings—it has to be perfect if it’s the star of the show. Our non-dairy organic mozzarella cheese that dots all of our frozen pizzas is made from cashews—not cows—making it not only vegetarian but vegan. It melts and oozes just like cow’s milk cheese, but it’s a little better for the environment and for your stomach. It will also burn the roof of your mouth if you take a bite right out of the oven (just like dairy cheese) so please, be a little patient before diving into your pizza. If you’re really into cheese, a heavy-handed sprinkle of dairy-free parmesan (try this super simple recipe) will satisfy any cheese craving. 

Meaty Vegetarian Pizza Toppings

This phrase may seem like a juxtaposition at first but let us explain. Meaty vegetarian pizza toppings do exist, and our Salsiccia Italiano and Everything but the Hog pepperoni pizzas are proof of that. We make our sausage crumble from wheat gluten and season it with a medley of Italian spices. With a little culinary magic, this high-protein vegetarian staple transforms into a mouthwatering vegetarian sausage. As for our pepperoni, it’s actually seasoned tofu in disguise! Trust us, you’d never guess. There’s nothing wrong with a purely plant-based pizza, but we know that most vegetarians still crave meat, and we made it possible to enjoy that taste and texture without compromising values.

More Vegetarian Pizza Toppings

Most don’t realize that there are far more vegetarian pizza toppings than non-vegetarian toppings. Just think of the sheer number of fruits and vegetables compared to the relatively few animal products that traditionally top a pizza. On the vegetable side, there’s sun-dried tomatoes, olives, green peppers, spinach, arugula, fresh basil, roasted eggplant, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, pepperoncinis, red pepper flakes, caramelized onions … we could go on (and we apologize if we excluded your favorite). But vegetarian pizza toppings are not limited to just vegetables. Think of the controversial Hawaiian-style pizza that features pineapple, or high-end pizzas with juicy figs paired with balsamic and arugula. We’re not saying everything will go on a pizza (please, do not try putting bananas on a pizza unless it’s of the dessert variety), but there is a surprising amount of produce that pairs wonderfully with dough, cheese, and sauce.

Controversial Vegetarian Pizza Toppings

Ranch. Avocado. Barbecue sauce. Mustard. All are either regional or niche vegetarian pizza toppings that some people really go crazy for. To this, we say you do you. If you want to slather our Salsiccia Italiano with Dijon, go for it. Personally, we enjoy finishing any one of our vegetarian pizzas with a Salt Bae-inspired pinch of sea salt, a drizzle of sweet balsamic glaze, and a handful of peppery arugula. To us, that combination is perfection. Well, that, and a nice glass of red wine (check out the best pizza and wine pairings here). 

Where to Buy The Pizza Plant Pizza

You can find both our Everything But the Hog and Salsiccia Italiano organic frozen pizzas in select Whole Foods in California, Nevada, and Arizona as well as Besties Vegan Paradise, New Deli Venice, and Vintage Grocers. We’ve got our eye on nationwide retail expansion, but in the meantime, we’re offering nationwide delivery! Each eight-pack box includes your choice of The Pizza Plant pizza and free shipping. We also have a variety box for those who want to try it all. Once you get it home, preheat the oven and prep your vegetarian pizza toppings. We can’t wait to see what you create (yes, even the mustard folks). 

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