Vegetarian Frozen Pizza

Where To Buy The Best Vegetarian Frozen Pizzas

Hey there, vegetarians! If you’re tired of answering that same old question day-in and day-out of “what’s for dinner?”, you’ve come to the right place. At The Pizza Plant, we may be vegans, but we’re busy humans too! Coming up with healthy and delicious vegetarian or vegan recipes every single day can be challenging, which is why we’re huge fans of pre-made, easy-to-make meals. As it turns out, a healthy nourishing meal and a convenient frozen one is not mutually exclusive. You heard that right! Meals can be both satisfying and healthy, while coming from the frozen section of your grocery store. Don’t believe us? Read on! We guarantee you’ll be convinced by the end of this article. Better yet, you’ll be a vegetarian frozen pizza expert!

Salsiccia Italiano

If you’re trying out a vegetarian diet, you may think that a lot of your favorite meals are now off limits as they contain meat. But there’s one tried-and-true meal that can be made in a variety of ways– many of these ways being vegetarian-friendly. It’s one of the simplest, tastiest, and most popular foods world-wide: pizza! Although many variations of pizzas contain meats such as sausage and pepperoni, it’s actually pretty common for pizzas to be vegetarian-friendly. Pizza can become a staple meal in your vegetarian diet, and can be made with wholesome, healthy ingredients that don’t include meat. Today, we’re breaking down how you can make your own vegetarian pizza, as well as where you can buy the best, pre-made vegetarian pizzas.

Are you a pizza lover, but not a lover of animal-derived ingredients? Looking for a fully plantbased meal, rather than just a vegetarian one? Well, you’ve come to the right place. At The Pizza Plant, we make plantbased pizzas that are better for both you and the environment, and are vegetarian and vegan friendly. Our pizzas contain 100% wholesome, plantbased ingredients, and are tastier than ever. Enjoy pizza, vegetarian and plantbased style, with The Pizza Plant. Don’t forget to shop online or head to your local grocery store to find The Pizza Plant– our plantbased pizzas make sticking to a vegetarian diet easy and enjoyable!

Read on to learn where you can find the best pre-made, frozen, and fully vegetarian pizzas. Hint: they’re at your local grocery store as we speak! 

Salsiccia Italiano

Looking for Vegetarian Frozen Pizza Recs?

Well, we’ve got them! And we’re going to share them with you below. You can find frozen vegetarian pizzas in nearly every grocery store out there. While searching through the frozen section of your store, look for pizzas that say “vegetarian” on the label. If a pizza you’re eyeing doesn’t say that it’s vegetarian, just read the ingredient label to be sure it doesn’t contain any sort of meat toppings. When it comes to finding a fully vegetarian frozen pizza, reaching for fully cheese pizzas, or any type of “veggie lovers” pizzas will be your best bet. Here are a few of our favorite vegetarian frozen pizzas:

  1. Against The Grain Gourmet Pizza
    Made with nut-free pesto – yum!

  2. Table 87 Margherita Pizza
    A classic margherita style that’ll have you coming back again and again.

  3. Private Selection, Italian Buffalo Mozzarella and Arugula Pizza
    The arugula topping adds a taste of herbal freshness that will leaving your taste buds craving more.

  4. Eat Pizza, Wild Mushroom
    Calling all mushroom lovers! This one is for you.

  5. Mama Cozzi’s Kitchen, Margherita Cauliflower Crust Pizza
    Get in some extra veggies and less carbs with this cauliflower-crust delicious pizza!

For a full ranking of vegetarian frozen pizzas, click here.

What About Vegan Frozen Pizza Recs?

You’ve come to the right place! At The Pizza Plant, we’re kinda-sorta pizza experts – especially when it comes to the pre-made kind. Here are a few of our recommendations for delicious, frozen (and of course, vegan!) pizzas and pizza ingredients:

  1. Angelic Bakehouse Flatbread Pizza Crusts

    These pre-made, flatbread pizza crusts come in packs of 2 or 5, and are fully vegan. You can find them at many grocery stores, or even better, can order them online from Amazon or their website to have them shipped straight to your door! Some grocery stores keep them in the frozen aisle, while others keep them on the shelves. But our best tip? Pop ‘em in your own freezer to make them last longer!

    Find them here

  2. Sweet Earth Plantbased Pizza

    You can find these frozen vegan pizzas in most grocery stores, and in four different must-try flavors. Our personal pick? The Truffle Lover’s Pizza – yum!

    Find them here

  3. Wholly Veggie! Frozen Pizzas and Crusts

    Grab a pre-made vegan pizzas as well as a couple delicious vegan pizza crusts from this brand. That’s right, dinner for nights when you don’t feel like cooking and for the times you want to get creative in the kitchen.

    Find them here

  4. Freeze up that Marinara!

    Okay, so any brand works for this tip. But, did you know that you can freeze marinara sauce for up to 6 months? It’s true! So, next time to cook up a batch of homemade sauce, store it in a zip-lock back or Tupperware to enjoy a delicious vegan pizza anytime!

  5. The Pizza Plant

    Looking for the best vegan frozen pizzas? Spoiler alert: they’re right under your nose! At The Pizza Plant, we pride ourselves on crafting pizzas that are not only vegan, but convenient and easy to prepare. Even better, our pizzas are Organic, scratch-made, always made with wholesome feel-good ingredients, and so tasty – you won’t believe they’re better for you and the planet. You can find both of our signature pizzas at your local grocery store or online on the GTFO It’s Vegan Marketplace.

Where Can I Find the Best Vegetarian Frozen Pizza?

Great question, easy answer! Call us biased, but our favorite frozen vegetarian pizzas are the ones crafted up by yours truly. At The Pizza Plant, our pizzas are always scratch made, fully vegan, Organic, and so delicious, both vegetarians and meat-eaters love them. We’re strong believers that going vegetarian or vegan doesn’t have to mean spending all your time cooking, so we took our time crafting up and perfecting the frozen pizza. Save time and enjoy delicious, wholesome food with The Pizza Plant. Run, don’t walk to find our signature vegan pizzas in the frozen section of your local grocery store, or (get this!) order them online on the GTFO It’s Vegan website. Delicious pre-made, fully vegan pizzas delivered to your doorstep? Dreams do come true! For a frozen vegan pizza topped with plantbased pepperoni, go for our Everything But The Hog plantbased pizza. To try our delicious vegan sausage, go for our Salsiccia Italiano plantbased pizza

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