Vegan Frozen Pizza


Are you vegan? Us too. Do you also like convenient, easy to find and make foods? Yep, same here. 

A common misconception about going vegan is that it requires lots of time in the kitchen. Many people believe that sticking to a vegan diet means having to spend lots of money on fresh produce, and spend lots of time on cooking meals from scratch. Don’t get us wrong – cooking vegan meals can be enjoyable, and there are tons of amazing vegan recipes out there. But, we’re all human with busy lives and cooking daily or even weekly can be a challenge! Against popular belief, there are actually tons of options out there for vegan meals that are pre-made or at least ready to cook. And, you can find many of them in the frozen section of your local grocery store!

One of the most loved foods worldwide is pizza. You can travel almost anywhere and find a pizza joint nearby. Why? Because pizza is delicious, fairly easy to make, and able to be customized to every person’s liking through adding and taking away toppings. If you’re vegan, you may be wondering if it’s possible to still enjoy this super tasty meal. We’re here to tell you that it most certainly is! In our modern world where eating vegan is more normalized than ever, there are tons of places you can find fully vegan pizzas. There’s a plethora of vegan pizza recipes online, restaurants that serve 100% vegan pizzas, and actually, vegan pizzas available in the frozen section at most grocery stores. You heard that right – if you’re not in the cooking mood and are craving a vegan pizza, head to the frozen section of your local market! 

Call us biased, but our favorite, frozen vegan pizzas are the ones crafted up by yours truly. Our pizzas are always scratch made, fully vegan, Organic, and so delicious, you won’t even believe they’re good for you. We’re strong believers that going vegan doesn’t have to mean spending all your time cooking, and so we took our time crafting up and perfecting the frozen vegan pizza. Save time and enjoy delicious, wholesome food with The Pizza Plant. You can find both of our signature vegan pizzas in the frozen section of your local grocery store, or (get this!) online on the GTFO It’s Vegan website. Delicious pre-made, fully vegan pizzas delivered to your doorstep? Dreams do come true! For a frozen vegan pizza topped with plantbased pepperoni, go for our Everything But The Hog plantbased pizza. To try our delicious vegan sausage, go for our Salsiccia Italiano plantbased pizza

Looking For Frozen Pizza Crusts?

Maybe The Pizza Plant isn’t available at a grocery store near you – we’re sorry to hear that! Remember that you can always order our pizzas online. Or, maybe you’re looking to create your own vegan pizza at home and want to know where to find the best, vegan, frozen crusts. Nevertheless, here are a few of our favorite options when it comes to pre-made vegan pizza crusts. Simply purchase one of these pre-made crusts, top it with your personal favorite pizza toppings, and pop it in the oven. Voila – customized vegan pizza, ready to devour. 

Little Northern Bakehouse

These vegan pizza crusts make the perfect base to a delicious, plantbased pizza. They come in two styles, thin and thick, and are also gluten-free. You can find them at many health food grocery stores, like Sprouts or The Fresh Market. Find them here

Angelic Bakehouse

These pre-made, flatbread pizza crusts come in packs of 2 or 5, and are fully vegan. You can find them at many grocery stores, or even better, can order them online from Amazon or their website to have them shipped straight to your door! Find them here

365 Everyday Value

Whole Food Market’s brand makes whole wheat, pre-made pizza crusts that are fully vegan. While you’re picking up your pizza crusts at Whole Foods, you can also find The Pizza Plant in their frozen section. That’s right! You can head to our website to claim a Buy One Get One Free coupon to use at Whole Foods Market. Find them here

If you’re a vegan (or not!) The Pizza Plant is the way to go when it comes to getting your pizza fix! Head to your local grocery store or shop online to try our delicious, frozen vegan pizzas. 

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