Top Ten Michelin Star Restaurants That Offer A Vegan Menu


With the world opening back up, it’s no secret that many people are itching to get out of the house. And what’s one of the best (if not the best) motivators to get out of the house? You guessed it – good food! 

At The Pizza Plant, we’re looking forward to trying many super tasty, fully vegan dine-in restaurants. If you are as well, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s a plethora of restaurants out there that offer 100% vegan menus. And today, we’re focusing on the ones that have Michelin stars! You heard that right – there are actually tons of Michelin star, plantbased restaurants throughout the world. Get ready for your night out – delicious vegan food crafted by top chefs awaits!

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Here are our picks for the top 10 Michelin star restaurants throughout the world:

Gracias Madre – Los Angeles, USA

Let’s kick it off in our hometown of LA! This restaurant offers a fully plantbased cuisine, and each dish is simply bursting with Mexican flavor. Our top picks have to be the ‘Chorizo’ Nachos and the Mango Broccoli tacos (only after a healthy dose of guac and chips, of course!)

Allotment – Manchester, UK

If you’re heading to Manchester anytime soon, you’ll want to stop by this delicious, fully plantbased restaurant. Their menu features the best of the current season’s harvest and they use sustainable farmers for the majority of their ingredients.

Blossom – New York, USA

Just like Los Angeles, New York is a hot spot for high-class vegan cuisine, and this Michein-starred restaurant is proof of just that. Serving up innovative, fully plantbased dishes like a ‘salmon’ dish made from beets and a ‘grilled cheese’ with tapioca cheese and tempeh bacon, this isn’t an NY spot you’ll want to miss.

Stinky Tofu Boss – Taipei, Taiwan

If the name didn’t grab your attention, the food certainly will. As stated on the Michilen website, the tofu served at this restaurant is “silky and porous” and is “steamed to order with mushrooms and basil adding extra aroma.” We’re thinking about planning a trip to Taiwan just to try out their world-famous tofu!

Shizen – San Francisco, USA

You mean to tell me, I can get more than just avocado rolls when I go out to sushi? At Shizen, you certainly can. This fully vegan sushi restaurant offers tons of unique, Japanese-inspired sushi dishes – some of which you won’t even believe are made only from plants.

Mesa Verde – Santa Barbara, USA

Looking to convince your meat-eating friends that vegan food can be oh-so-tasty? This is just the place you’ll want to take them. With a menu full of flavorful, unique vegan options, this Californian, Michelin-starred restaurant is a must-visit kind of place.

Double Zero – New York, USA

We couldn’t create this list without including a Michelin star restaurant that serves up our favorite food. This New York spot features fully plantbased pizza, vegan small plates, and delectable desserts, all created by renowned celebrity chef, Matthew Kenney.

Seven Swans – Frankfurt, Germany

This German restaurant takes vegan fine dining to a whole new level. With a set 10 course, fully vegan menu that’s simply to die for, you’re sure to get a Michelin star experience like no other.

Daigo – Tokyo, Japan

As said by the World’s 50 Best, Daigo serves up “perhaps the best shojin ryori (Buddhist vegetarian cuisine) on the planet.” We haven’t had the chance to try it, but we can confidently say that our next trip to Japan will involve stopping by this Michelin star spot.

Eleven Madison Park – New York, USA

Fun fact: when this three-Michelin-starred restaurant reopened after the pandemic, Chef Daniel Humm made the bold move of removing all animal-derived ingredients from the menu, stating that because animal agriculture was “simply not sustainable, it was a risk worth taking.” This New York vegan spot is more than a restaurant – it’s truly an experience.

Hungry yet? These Michelin star restaurants are the perfect places to visit for out-of-this-world, plantbased dining experiences. Be sure to share this post with a friend that you’d like to try one of these restaurants with. And, don’t forget to head to your local grocery store or shop online for The Pizza Plant today! 

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