Top 7 Athletes in the NFL That Are Plantbased


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Did you know that some of your favorite NFL athletes are vegan? It’s true! Plantbased eating in the pro-athlete community has become incredibly popularized, as more athletes realize and embrace the benefits of a plantbased diet. Today, we’re letting you in on 7 NFL athletes that are fully plantbased. You may be surprised by a few! If you’re just as intrigued as we are about the plantbased diets of these NFL stars, be sure to share this post with a friend. Or, share your new knowledge of plantbased NFL players while at your Super Bowl party… You’ll be sure to impress!  

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Check out these 7 plantbased, pro football players that are changing the game: 

  1. Tom Brady

Arguably the biggest name when it comes to quarterbacks in the NFL, Tom Brady sticks to a plantbased diet. Although reports say he only eats about 80% plantbased, he still certainly reaps the benefits of eating primarily plantbased foods… I mean, how else does someone remain at peak athleticism at 44 years old? Brady also created fully vegan dinners called TB12, and he and many other NFL athletes regularly eat these dinners. 

  1. Cam Newton

“Super Cam” of the Carolina Panthers sticks to a fully plantbased diet, and believes that switching to a vegan diet helped him recover from several injuries. He began the vegan diet in 2019 to aid in his injury recovery, then became pescatarian, and is now fully vegan. Newton has proven just how helpful plants can be in recovering and rejuvenating the body.

  1. Tyrann Mathieu

Widely known as the “Honey Badger,” Tyrann Mathieu of the Kansas City Chiefs also adheres to a plantbased diet. He says that veganism helped him lose 16 pounds and that he has never felt better. 

  1. Colin Kaepernick 

Known for his work fighting racial injustice, Kaepernick turned to veganism for ethical reasons, and has since stuck to the diet as he says that eating plantbased has made him feel all-around, much better and healthier.

  1. Theo Riddick 

Running back for the Las Vegas Raiders, Theo Riddick, says that he tried out a plantbased diet after watching popular documentaries about vegan eating. He now sticks to a vegan diet, as he says that it helps his body and energy levels recover quicker, and that he now feels able to play games back-to-back. 

  1. Wesley Woodyard

Linebacker for the Tennessee Titans, Wesley Woodyard, was initially skeptical of the vegan diet when some of his teammates were trying it out. However, he was eventually convinced to try it himself, and when he did, had his best season ever and helped the Titans earn their way into the playoffs. 

  1. Jurrell Casey

As a defensive end for the Denver Broncos, Casey was also skeptical of going plantbased, and specifically worried that sticking to a vegan diet would affect his strength, and in turn, make him a worse player. When he eventually made the switch, however, he said that eating plantbased helped him recover quicker after games and boosted his energy levels.

We hope you feel inspired by the plantbased stories of these 7 NFL athletes! If so, be sure to share this post with a friend, family member, or football-lover. 

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