Top 5 Vegan Personal Trainers on Youtube


Ready for some vegan fitness inspo? 

It’s time to head to Youtube! Whether you’re just getting started on your vegan journey, or are a die-hard plantbased eater, every vegan could use a bit of motivation and inspiration from time to time. One of the best places to get this inspiration is Youtube. There are tons of creators on Youtube who post about vegan recipes, vegan tips and tricks, and today’s topic… vegan fitness!

Looking to get stronger, faster, and leaner all while sticking to a vegan diet? Check out these 5 Youtubers who post workout routines, vegan meal plans, and fitness motivation content. We have no doubt that you’ll feel inspired both in the kitchen and the gym after checking them out!

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Here are our top 5 vegan personal trainers on Youtube:

  1. Toni Mitchell

Interested in content surrounding veganism, fitness, health, and wellness? Toni Mitchell is your girl! She frequently posts workout videos that often require minimal to no equipment and are easy to follow, as well as vegan recipe videos, and videos detailing specific tips for getting in shape using a vegan diet. 

Check out her Youtube channel

  1. Brian Turner

Looking to build some strength on a vegan diet? Get to know 9 year natural vegan bodybuilder, Brian Turner. His Youtube channel takes you along his vegan fitness journey, and his content surrounds muscle building on a vegan diet, “What I Eat In a Day” videos, and entertaining videos about the vegan lifestyle. Bonus: If you love his content, you can also check out his two vegan recipe E-books here

Check out his Youtube channel

  1. Rich Roll

Youtuber, and now podcaster, Rich Roll, was once a self-deemed “unhealthy corporate lawyer.” At 40 years old, he switched to a fully vegan diet, lost 50 pounds, and began exploring the idea of human potential. His content surrounds all things ultra-endurance, wellness, nutrition, mindfulness, and spirituality. He now travels the world sharing what he has learned and interviewing other amazing vegans who have found health and wellness through a vegan diet. Although his content does not primarily surround fitness and training, we had to include him on the list, as many of the guests he hosts have incredible insight on the power of a vegan diet when it comes to health and fitness.

Check out his Youtube channel

  1. Natalie Matthews

Natalie Matthews is a professional IFBB bikini competitor, vegan chef, fitness model, and cookbook author. Her Youtube channel consists of vegan recipe videos, fitness and workout videos, as well as videos detailing her experiences as a IFBB bikini competitor. If you’re looking for some vegan fitness motivation, Natalie Matthews’ channel is the place to be!

Check out her Youtube channel

  1. Hench Herbivore

Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Paul Kerton, created his Youtube channel, Hench Herbivore, to both entertain and educate people on the vegan lifestyle. His videos are intended to help you “develop the body of your dreams… without harming the animals or our beautiful planet.” On his channel, you’ll find vegan recipe videos, workout ideas, and tips on staying motivated to live your best vegan life.

Check out his Youtube channel

We hope you’ve found your new, favorite vegan personal trainers on Youtube. If you love this post, be sure to share it with a friend to spread the vegan fitness love! 

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