Tips for Building Muscle and Burning Fat On A Plantbased Diet


Looking to get in shape for the summer? You’ve come to the right place! A common misconception when it comes to burning fat and gaining muscle is that you need to eat meat to do so. But, we’re here to bust that myth! It is more than possible to burn fat, gain muscle, and maintain your healthiest state of being on a fully plantbased diet. How, you may ask? Just keep on reading – ‘cause we’re going to give you 5 stellar tips on how to do so! 

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Here are 5 easy-to-follow tips for building muscle and burning fat on a plantbased diet:

  1. You’re a plantbased eater… so eat those plants!

    This may seem obvious, but in today’s day and age where plantbased eating has become more popular than ever before, there are lots of vegan food options out there that are processed and overall not the healthiest choices. Be sure to stock your fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables that will not only have you feeling amazing, but looking amazing as well. Fruits and veggies contain vital nutrients that benefit our bodies in countless ways. Plus, they’re generally lower in calories and higher in water content, meaning you can eat them often without worrying about fat gain. A general rule to follow: If it grows on the earth naturally, it belongs in your body!

  1. Get a grasp on your individual caloric needs

    This tip is super important for those taking weight loss and muscle gain seriously. Your individual caloric needs will depend on a number of factors, like your age, current weight, sex, and activity level. In order to calculate your caloric needs, head to this website. This number will tell you an estimate for how many calories you need to intake daily to maintain your current weight. If your goal is to lose weight, you’ll want to consume less than this number. If it is to gain weight or muscle, you’ll want to consume more calories per day than this number. Pro plantbased tip: When consuming a whole foods plantbased diet, it can be difficult to up your calorie intake, as plantbased foods are typically less caloric. Be sure you’re eating enough (if your goal is to gain muscle!) by consuming plantbased foods like oats, legumes, nuts, potatoes, and bananas – which are all naturally higher in calorie count.

  1. Up your protein intake (don’t worry – it’s easier than you think!)

    Like we mentioned in the intro, there’s quite a misconception in the fitness world that eating meat is necessary for bulking muscle. But, in all honesty, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Many plantbased foods contain more protein than you may think, and as long as you’re keeping track of them, you should have no problem reaching your intake goals! Click here for a great comprehensive list of high protein, fully plantbased foods. And, better yet, start checking the nutrition labels on plantbased foods you’re currently eating – we guarantee you’ll be surprised at some of the plant foods that contain a ton of protein! 

  1. Create an exciting workout routine for yourself!

    Of course, diet is hugely important when it comes to getting in shape. But, getting the right kind of exercise is just as important – especially when it comes to gaining muscle. However, your journey to a healthy and balanced plantbased lifestyle won’t be fun (nonetheless sustainable) unless you actually enjoy the types of workouts you’re partaking in. Find something that suits you personally, whether that be lifting weights, running, playing a sport, doing yoga… and the list goes on. Another amazing idea would be to hire a plantbased personal trainer. Or, follow one for free (check out this list of vegan trainers on Youtube!) Working with a plantbased trainer could be incredibly beneficial on your journey, and we highly recommend it! 

  1. Get crafty in the kitchen

    We know, we know. Cooking isn’t for everyone! But, if you’re a plantbased eater, we encourage you to try out some new plantbased recipes for a few reasons. First, you’re more likely to eat clean and healthy when you’re eating foods that you actually enjoy, so get crafty with customizing your plantbased meals to fit your personal tastes! Next, when cooking at home, you’re more likely to eat smaller portions and consume less processed ingredients like oils and salts, than you would at restaurants. This is beneficial for your overall health, as well as with losing fat. Lastly, plantbased cooking can be fun! Like we mentioned in the previous tip, your fitness journey should be enjoyable. Try out some new recipes, or whip up some of your current favorites! An enjoyable fitness routine will result in a consistent one, which will result in a more desirable overall outcome for you.

Feeling ready to take on your vegan fitness journey? We definitely are! If you found this post helpful, be sure to share it with a friend who would love some plantbased fitness tips. Don’t forget to shop online or stop by your local grocery store for The Pizza Plant! Our pizzas will be a great addition to your “lose fat and build muscle diet,” and better yet, taste absolutely incredible!

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