Time for Some Plantbased Peace: Checkout These 5 Amazing Plantbased Retreats


Looking for a little plantbased peace? After everything that the past couple of years have brought us, we all deserve a bit of relaxation and recovery. A trip to a tropical beach or a beautiful mountain range could be just the thing to get your mind, body, and soul aligned in 2022. Imagine a trip that’s pre-planned for you, packed with activities such as yoga and meditation workshops, and filled with delicious plantbased meals to rejuvenate your mind and body. We’re talking retreats! 

Did you know that plantbased retreats exist? Whether you’re new to or familiar with a plantbased diet, these retreats can be an amazing way to immerse yourself in plantbased living or reinspire yourself to nourish your body with plantbased foods. Plus, many plantbased retreats take a holistic approach, so while you’re eating amazing plantbased meals on the retreat, you’re also practicing yoga or meditation, or learning how to cook plantbased meals for yourself.

You deserve the time and space to fully care for yourself, and it’s time to treat yourself to a plantbased retreat. Here are a few plantbased retreats coming up in 2022 that we highly recommend you check out! 

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Here are 5 plantbased retreats that we highly recommend you check out!

  1. Regain balance and nourish your body and soul in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    If you’re looking for a personal adventure in a beautiful atmosphere, this eight day solo yoga journey may be perfect for you. The retreat takes place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, which is claimed to be a “deeply healing energy vortex.” It includes two sessions of instructed yoga per day, a stay in a treehouse villa, a plantbased culinary experience, and much more. Balance your mind, body, and spirit at this magnificent retreat that’s available year round.

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  1. Detox from life’s stressors while practicing yoga and plantbased eating in sunny Southern California

    If you’re a beginner to a plantbased lifestyle or to practicing yoga, this retreat may be perfect for you. It’s a four day digital detox located in San Diego, California, that encourages participants to move, breathe, laugh and play. The instructor of the retreat found healing and joy through practicing yoga, and now aims to bring others the same peace that he experiences. The retreat offers plantbased meals that are Asian, Mediterranean, and Indian inspired, as well as plantbased snacks and juices throughout the day. If you’re looking to escape from “normal” life for some time, check out this highly-praised retreat.

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  1. Head to Greece for a retreat centered around vegan cooking and yoga

    Looking for a getaway to one of the most beautiful places in Europe? Check out this eight day retreat on the island of Crete in Greece. The retreat includes yoga classes, Greek vegan cooking workshops, immersion in the culture of nearby villages, and an amazing stay near the coast of the island. The experience is meant to re-charge you physically, mentally, and spiritually, and teach you about a holistic way of plantbased living. The upcoming retreat will take place in late June of 2022. Be sure to book your spot early, as the maximum number of participants is set at 14.

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  1. Learn about balanced nutrition and holistic health in Ellenville, New York

    This five day retreat focuses on awakening your own natural healing power, cleansing your body of toxins using plantbased foods, and enhancing your self-awareness. At the retreat, you will meet with a naturopathic doctor who will guide you on your personal journey to balanced, plantbased nutrition. Instructors lead various types of yoga classes, and guide participants through a liver cleanse and one-day fast. Whether you reside in the Northeast area or looking to travel there, consider heading to this amazing retreat located in a hidden gem area of the state of New York.

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  1. Start the new year off right with this detox and spa retreat in Ubud, Bali

    Bali is well-known for its mystical powers in healing and rejuvenation. This five day retreat located in the heart of Bali is centered around letting go of the old and purifying the soul. It takes place throughout December and January, so that participants can enter the new year feeling fresh and full of love for themselves and others. It includes yoga and mindfulness practices, as well as a wonderful cuisine of vegan and macrobiotic dishes. The yoga practices and workshops are highly individualized, with each participant getting special attention and guidance. Begin 2022 with this once in a lifetime retreat to nourish your body and spirit. 

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There are tons of amazing plantbased retreats coming up in 2022, and we couldn’t possibly list them all. For a more extensive list, head here. We hope you find your perfect plantbased paradise in one of these retreats. Treat yourself- you deserve it!

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