The Top 10 Vegan and Eco-Friendly Toys For Kids


Have a kid in your life that deserves the perfect gift this Holiday? Even better, want to gift this kid a vegan or eco-friendly toy that’s both great for the environment and teaching them about the plantbased lifestyle? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’re letting you in on our top 10 picks for vegan and eco-friendly toys, perfect for gifting any child with this Holiday season. So read on and then get shopping! Gifts may cost a little money, but the look on your favorite kiddo’s face upon reception will be priceless!

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Here are our top 10 picks for vegan and eco-friendly toys for kids:

  1. The Rescue Princesses Animals in Danger Book
    Starting off with a gift that isn’t technically a toy, but that certainly hits home on the vegan message! Perfect for a child who’s princess-obsessed.
    Find it here

  1. Weighted Stuffed Animal
    Taking care of a special stuffed animal is a good reminder for the vegan child in your life about treating animals with kindness.
    Find some here

  1. Eco-friendly crayons
    These crayons not only come in an eco-friendly box, but are colored with natural minerals and made to help toddlers strengthen their hand grip!
    Find them here

  1. Natural Earth Paint Kit
    Continuing on the artistic theme, these paints are 100% non-toxic and made from eco-friendly natural ingredients (meaning, if your kid likes to mouth on their toys, you won’t have to worry!
    Find it here

  1. Tom’s Shoes
    Again, not technically a toy, but we couldn’t help but mention these sustainably-made shoes that are the perfect gift for a kid at any age!
    Find them here

  1. Fur and Feathers Board Game
    A fun game for kids that teaches about the importance of being kind to animals. We want to play!
    Find it here

  1. Pretend Play Kid’s Vest Set
    If your kiddo loves to play pretend, teach them how to care for animals like a veterinarian would with this all-in-one play set!
    Find it here

  1. Meri Meri Mini Paper Dolls House
    This doll house set is made from eco-friendly paper, and other toys on Meri Meri’s website are made from Organic Cotton. You can’t go wrong!
    Find it here

  1. Sustainably-made Blocks Toy
    This box set is made from sustainably-harvested wood and water-based paints, making it an eco-friendly version of a classic kids’ toy.
    Find it here

  1.  Vegan Snack Box
    The best way to get a kid interested in the vegan diet (or, if they’re already vegan, cater to their existing diet)? Gift them all the tastiest vegan snacks! Of course, if this child is not your own, be sure to get permission from the parent first.
    Find one here

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