The Story of The First “Three Michelin Star” Vegan Restaurant


Just back in October of 2022, the new Michelin Guide stars were awarded to 73 restaurants in New York, one of which made history. Eleven Madison Park became the first-ever 100% vegan restaurant to be granted a three star ranking. This news is exciting for vegans everywhere, but the most astounding part is yet to come. Read on to learn about the incredible story of how this restaurant came to be what it is today.

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Story time! Here’s how the first three Michelin star vegan restaurant came to be. Eleven Madison Park was founded by Swiss chef, Daniel Humm in 2011. However, something was a bit different about the restaurant back then. If you’re a vegan eater, you wouldn’t have wanted to dine at Eleven Madison Park just a decade ago, as the menu was full of animal-derived dishes like glazed duck, poached lobster, sea urchin, and suckling pig. The restaurant was actually awarded three Michelin Stars that year for their non-vegan menu. So, how did it earn them again in 2022 with an entirely different menu?

During the pandemic, Daniel Humm made the bold decision to re-imagine the entire menu of his coveted Michelin star restaurant. The catch? It would be vegan. Really vegan. In fact, every food item offered on the new menu would be derived from plants and animal-derived ingredients would no longer have a spot in the Eleven Madison Park kitchen. This was all in response to the climate crisis our planet continues to face. As Humm put it, “The current food system is simply not sustainable, in so many ways.”

It only took two years for Eleven Madison Park to re-earn their stars, and if you ever get the chance to taste Humm’s new dishes, you’ll understand why. Not only has Humm created an immaculate array of plantbased foods, but his new take on luxury dining will undoubtedly inspire frequent diners as well as other high-end restaurants. He noted that he “wanted everyone who comes into contact with Eleven Madison Park to become a part of doing good.” It’s safe to say he is playing a small part in a much greater, much needed impact. If you’re interested in dining at the three Michelin star restaurant, we recommend booking your reservation in advance. It may also be helpful to know that the restaurant’s multi course menu is $335, including tip. It will certainly cost you, but will undoubtedly be worth every bite.

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