The Best Ways to Enjoy a Thanksgiving Feast: Plantbased Style!


In just under a week, it will be time to spend your Thursday with loved ones, celebrating and “giving thanks” for all of the wonderful people and things in your life. It will also be time to center your whole day around one delicious meal! Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and so are all of the tasty dishes that come with it. If you’re a plantbased eater, you may be wondering if it’s possible to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast without eating any of the traditional meat and dairy-based dishes. We’re here to tell you that it is! At The Pizza Plant, we’ll be celebrating Thanksigivng plantbased style, and are giving you 5 ways that you can eat plantbased at your own Thanksgiving feast. Whether you want to cook a full plantbased Thanksgiving meal, or bring a couple plantbased dishes to the party, it’s more than possible to enjoy Thanksgiving as a plantbased eater. 

Try out these 5 plantbased recipes and ideas this Thanksgiving. Celebrate the holiday by spending time with family and friends, giving thanks, and skipping out on the turkey!

  1. Swap out your turkey for a delicious, plantbased version

    In our modern world where plantbased eating is normalized and encouraged, there are plantbased alternatives for nearly every type of meat imaginable- turkey included! There are a few pre-made, fully vegan turkey alternatives on the market that are perfect for Thanksgiving. Try out this Breaded Turkey-less Stuffed Roast from Trader Joe’s. It comes pre-made and just needs to be heated up, and is breaded and stuffed with wild rice, cranberries, celery and onions. It also comes with vegan gravy that you can drizzle on top of the plantbased turkey or use on top of your plantbased mashed potatoes. Yum!

  1. Make plantbased gravy and mashed potatoes 

    Mashed potatoes and gravy are staples in a traditional Thanksgiving meal. However, gravy typically is made from meat juices and mashed potatoes often contain dairy. But not to fret! If you’re a mashed potatoes and gravy lover, there are tons of recipes online for plantbased versions of these Thanksgiving delicacies. For a plantbased gravy, checkout this easy recipe by Nora Cooks, or this “Ultimate Vegan Gravy” by Forks Over Knives. For mashed potatoes that still have that delicious creamy texture, check out this recipe by The Minimalist Baker that uses vegan butter, or this one by No Sweat Vegan that is butter and oil free. Is Thanksgiving really Thanksgiving without a big portion of mashed potatoes and gravy on your plate? We think not! With these plantbased versions of gravy and mashed potatoes, you won’t be missing out on this tasty Thanksgiving side dish.


  1. Get creative with some not-so-traditional plantbased side dishes

    Swap out the traditional dishes altogether! If you’re looking to make some plantbased foods for Thanksgiving that aren’t just vegan alternatives to the traditional ones, try out some new, delicious side dishes. For a tasty side of vegetables, try out this vegan broccoli casserole by Pass the Plants. If you’re looking to completely switch up the type of cuisine, go for these vegan sweet potato enchiladas by Jessica in the Kitchen. For a unique, fall-flavored side dish, try these Vegan Thanksgiving Pithiers by Lazy Cat Kitchen. Get creative with your plantbased side dishes for Thanksgiving. After all, a Thanksgiving feast is meant to be full of different foods and flavors!

  1. Make some simple swaps to your stuffing

    Another traditional Thanksgiving dish that can easily be made plantbased is stuffing. Stuffing usually contains chicken stock or broth, and sometimes contains other forms of meat such as sausage. But, stuffing can be made fully plantbased with just a few ingredient swaps. Try out this recipe by The Minimalist Baker for a stuffing that uses vegetable broth and lentils to replicate a savory, meaty flavor. For a more traditional stuffing, go for this recipe by Delish that simply subs chicken broth for vegetable broth. Quick tip! Add in crumbled up vegan sausage to your stuffing for an extra hint of meaty flavor and protein.

  1. Let Chef Chloe Coscarelli Cook Thanksgiving Dinner

    Whole Foods Market (WFM) has partnered with renowned vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli to offer an exclusive, prepared vegan Thanksgiving meal for the holiday season. This is the second year in a row that WFM has partnered with Coscarelli to offer a full vegan meal for the holiday season. “The Vegan Meal for 2 is really a collection of all of my favorite Thanksgiving holiday foods, made without animal products,” Coscarelli told VegNews. “Some of these recipes come from my family and have been made vegan over the years, and perfected in partnership with Whole Foods Market.” The vegan meal includes:

  1. Prep for the day by eating a delicious pizza from The Pizza Plant

    If you’re planning on going to a non-plantbased Thanksgiving gathering, you’ll want to eat a good plantbased meal ahead of time, so that you’re not too hungry when the meal that contains meats and dairy is served. Shop online or head to your local grocery store to grab The Pizza Plant plantbased pizzas. Our pizzas are Organic, scratch-made, and 100% plantbased. Both our Everything But The Hog Plantbased Pizza and our Salsiccia Italianio Plantbased Pizza are the perfect “prep meal” for a Thanksgiving gathering. And hey, if tradition isn’t your thing, why not cook up a few pizzas from The Pizza Plant as an appetizer or even for the main meal? We won’t judge!

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