It’s time to travel – vegan style! If you’re a vegan eater like us, you know that sticking to a vegan diet can be quite difficult while traveling. Depending on where you visit, it can be hard to find vegan restaurants in an unfamiliar place. But, you’re in luck! Just like most problems are solved these days, technology is ready to save the day. There are quite a few amazing apps out there designed to help vegan eaters travel, and today we’re going to let you in on some of our favorites. So, pack your bags and download these apps – fully vegan traveling has never been so attainable and enjoyable!

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Here are 4 of our favorite apps that make sticking to a vegan diet while traveling easier than ever:

  1. Is It Vegan?

    This is one of the most popular apps amongst traveling vegans, and it’s for good reason. On the app, you can scan a product’s barcode, and it will instantly tell you if the product is vegan, vegetarian, or neither. It’s especially great for those times you’re buying groceries in an area that you’re unfamiliar with.

    Find out more here

  1. Vegan Pocket

    This app works similarly to ‘Is It Vegan?’, but also includes beauty products in its system. Scan the barcode of any beauty product, and the app will tell you if the product is vegan and cruelty-free. Run out of shampoo while traveling? No worries! With this app in your pocket (no pun intended) you can purchase a new one without sacrificing your veganism.

    Download here

  1. Vegan Maps

    Have you ever been visiting a new, exciting place, and the dreaded question of, “where should we go to eat?” Comes into play? Well – this question is really only dreadful when you’re a vegan eater, because it can be incredibly difficult to find vegan-friendly restaurants in new places. Lucky for you, this app is here to save the day. The app lists over 100,000 restaurants worldwide, and even allows you to filter for more specific diets, like raw veganism. No more asking for recommendations and directions while traveling – this app makes ‘vegan’ a universal language!

    Download here

  1. Trip Advisor

    One of the most well-known travel apps out there, Trip Advisor is especially great for vegan travelers. On the app, you can type in “vegan” in the search bar and find a plethora of vegan restaurants in your specific area, as well as tons of reliable reviews. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover your new favorite vegan spot using the app!

    Visit their website here

Feeling ready to take on a fully vegan vacation? We certainly are! If you found this post helpful, share it with a fellow vegan who could use these apps on their next trip. And of course, don’t forget to stop by your local grocery store or shop online for The Pizza Plant. Our pizzas are scratch-made, fully plant based, and so crave able – you won’t even believe they’re better for both you and the planet. 

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