The Best Holiday Gifts for Your Vegan Friends and Family


The Holiday season is among us! And, like most other people, you’re probably working hard on picking out the perfect holiday gifts for your friends and family. When it comes to a great, personalized gift, there are tons of options out there, and today we’re bringing you a list of gifts for that special person in your life who is vegan. Read through the list to find the perfect gift for your vegan pal based on their specific interests.

Don’t forget to shop online or head to your local grocery store for The Pizza Plant. Our pizzas are scratch-made, Organic, 100% plantbased, and a tasty, warm meal that’s perfect for the holiday season. Now let’s talk vegan gifts!

  1. For the vegan snack lover…

If you have a vegan friend who is always on the go, give them a big box of healthy, vegan snacks. This one from Amazon includes vegan cookies, protein bars, fruit, nuts, and much more. Or, for a few more options of gift boxes, checkout Vegancuts. Your vegan pal will love to receive one of these gifts, because who doesn’t love a box bursting with yummy snacks? Plus, if your friend is new to the vegan lifestyle, they’ll be able to try out tons of different vegan snacks to find their favorites, without having to buy and try all of them separately. 

Find the Amazon snack box here, and the Vegancuts boxes here

  1. For the vegan chef… 

If your vegan friend or family member loves to cook their plantbased meals, we have two, great gift options for them. First is this amazing vegetable chopper that slices, chops, dices, and cuts any vegetable you could think of. It cuts the vegetables directly into a clear bin that is attached to the bottom of the chopper, so it’s mess free and makes cooking easier and a whole lot more enjoyable. Next, is a tried and true staple in any vegan’s kitchen: a tofu press. Tofu presses make it easy to remove excess water from tofu before it is cooked, and they are essential for those who like to bake or sauté their tofu. Both of these gadgets are perfect for a plantbased home-kitchen, and your friend or family member will be ecstatic to cook up some vegan food using them!

Find the vegetable chopper here, and the tofu press here

  1. For the vegan fashionista…

If you have a friend or family member who cares about their style as much as they care about their vegan lifestyle, gift them some vegan clothing items for their wardrobe. There are tons of amazing vegan clothing brands out there, and great alternatives to leather and furs that are usually derived from animals. Check out this blog post for a list of the best vegan clothing brands and this one for some great vegan sneakers. You could also gift a friend who needs some new winter wear this cute, faux fur coat. Or, for someone who loves accessories, go for this vegan leather tote. In the new plantbased era, there are tons of stylish, animal-friendly clothing items and accessories on the market. Show some love to your favorite vegan with a new fashionable item for their wardrobe!

Find the faux fur coat here, and the vegan leather tote here.

  1. For the vegan who could use a spa day…

If you have a vegan friend or family member who loves to pamper themself, gift them some vegan beauty products. There are tons of great makeup products, bath and shower products, nail polishes, and more, that are completely vegan and do not test on animals. For a friend who loves self-care, gift them bath bombs or soaps from Lush Cosmetics. Or, for a person who loves giving themselves at-home manicures, go for a couple colors of this vegan nail polish. For a person in your life who loves makeup, head to this list of vegan makeup brands to find the perfect products for them. Give the gift of vegan beauty this holiday season– your vegan friend or family member will feel so loved!

  1. For the vegan pizza lover…

If you have a friend or family member who is new to being vegan, help them discover their favorite plantbased meals and snacks with a gift card to GTFO It’s Vegan. This online marketplace has a plethora of the best vegan foods to choose from, and your friend will love the chance to try out some new, vegan food brands. If they need a little help deciding what to purchase with the gift card, tell them to try out The Pizza Plant,  as both of our delicious, signature pizzas are available for purchase on the website. Because who doesn’t want vegan pizza delivered to their doorstep? We sure do!

Find GTFO It’s Vegan gift cards here.

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