Plantbased Pizza Crust

Arguably, the most popular food in the world is… pizza. We all know it, and most love it. Pizza is a favorite food for people across many different cultures, and we know why: it’s tasty! And all pizzas, before being topped with sauce, cheeses, meats, and other toppings, must begin with a dough that is then turned into a crust when baked. The crust, as we call it, can be made in a variety of ways: thin and crispy, thick and fluffy, stuffed with garlic or cheese, and the list goes on. But how can someone who eats plantbased enjoy pizza crust? Is pizza crust inherently plantbased? How can you make plantbased pizza crust or where can you buy it? Read on for answers to these questions and more!

At The Pizza Plant, all of our pizzas begin with a scratch-made, Organic, and 100% plantbased pizza crust. Both our vegan pepperoni Everything But The Hog plantbased pizza and our vegan sausage Salsiccia Italiano plantbased pizza begin with an Organic Thin Crust Dough that, when baked, creates a crispy, thin, delicious crust. Head to your local grocery store or shop online for The Pizza Plant to try out the plantbased pizza crust of your dreams. 

Is Pizza Crust Plantbased?

Usually, yes! In fact, the base of most pizza crusts is a mix of flour, yeast, water, salt, and olive oil, which are all plantbased ingredients. You can make this basic, plantbased crust on your own, or find a version of it at most grocery stores or pizza joints. 

Although this basic version of pizza dough can be found or made easily, some versions of pizza dough include more, non-plantbased ingredients. These ingredients are usually dairy or egg-based, which of course, makes the dough not vegan-friendly. Some doughs add in egg to give the bread a more fluffy texture, and others add cheese or butter to create a more creamy flavor. 

For the most part, pizza dough and therefore, pizza crust is plantbased. Which means that if you’re a plantbased eater, it should be relatively simple to find a pre-made, plantbased pizza crust, or to make one yourself. How great is that?

Do Traditional Pizza Joints Serve Plantbased Crust?

Simply put, yes. If you’re ordering pizza from a local pizza joint, make sure to ask if their crusts contain any dairy or egg, or if their crust is vegan. If the answer is yes, you’re good to go! Just be sure that the rest of the toppings you order for your pizza are plantbased as well. 

You can also find plantbased pizza crusts at fast-food pizza chains such as Domino’s or Pizza Hut. At Domino’s, you can order their thin crust which is vegan, and then top the pizza with their classic red sauce and vegetables, which are also all plantbased. Furthermore, several of their dipping sauces are vegan, including their garlic sauce, barbeque sauce, and Italian dipping cups. For a full breakdown of how to eat plantbased at Domino’s, click here.

Pizza Hut has many vegan options when it comes to pizza crust. Their Thin ‘N Crispy Dough, Hand-Tossed Style, Pan Crust, and P’Zone Dough are all plantbased, and even their Buttery Blend Crust flavor is vegan. You can then complete your pizza with their red sauce that is plantbased, and all of their vegetables which are also, to no surprise, plantbased. For a full breakdown of how to eat plantbased at Pizza Hut, click here.

It’s also important to note that although there are ways to make your Domino’s or Pizza Hut pizzas plantbased, both Domino’s and Pizza Hut use the same equipment to make all of their pizzas, so there is risk of cross-contamination. If you are a strict vegan or have allergies to meat or dairy, you may want to stay away from chains like Domino’s and Pizza Hut altogether. 

Where Can I Buy Pre-Made Pizzas With Plantbased Pizza Crust?

We’re glad you asked! At The Pizza Plant, we do plantbased right- and our pizza crust is no exception! Both our Everything but The Hog plantbased pizza and our Salsiccia Italiano plantbased pizza are made with a delicious, Organic Thin Crust Dough. Our dough is made from simple, organic ingredients, including organic 00 flour, organic safflower oil, organic active dry yeast, and organic brown sugar. For a full list of ingredients and nutrition facts, head here. When baked, our Organic Thin Crust Dough becomes a thin, flaky crust that’s mouth-wateringly good. 

Our plantbased pizza crust is certainly worth tasting, and you can try it with both of our signature, plantbased pizzas. For a plantbased pizza topped with vegan pepperoni, check out our Everything But the Hog Plantbased Pizza. For a plantbased version of an Italian sausage pizza, check out our Salsiccia Italiano Plantbased Pizza

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