Pizza Plant Based

The Best Plantbased Pizzas

So… you’re a plantbased eater looking to turn some classic, tried-and-true, tasty meals vegan. We’re here to help you!

A common misconception about plantbased eating is that it involves prepping, cooking, and buying complex, expensive ingredients and meals. Many people believe that it’s more difficult to eat plantbased than to continue consuming meat and dairy. But in actuality, it’s quite easy to eat a nutritious, fully plantbased diet without breaking the bank or spending all of your time in the kitchen! Don’t believe us? Keep on reading – we guarantee we can change your mind. 

One of the most popular foods worldwide is pizza – and it’s for a good reason. Pizza is easy to make, convenient to find pre-made at restaurants or grocery stores, and above all, delicious. But, is it possible to eat pizza if you’re plantbased? The answer is yes. Today, we’re breaking down how you can easily make a tasty, plantbased pizza in the comfort of your own kitchen, as well as where you can buy the best, pre-made, plantbased pizzas. 

At The Pizza Plant, we’re all about making plantbased eating as easy and enjoyable as possible. Head to your local grocery store or shop online to try our signature, Organic, fully plantbased pizzas. Our pizzas have plantbased and meat eaters alike coming back for seconds! 

How Can I Make a Plantbased Pizza at Home?

Although pizza is commonly thought of as containing dairy and meat, it's actually more than possible to whip up a fully plantbased pizza at home. You may think that in order to make your pizza plantbased you should simply remove the cheese and meat toppings — and that's certainly an option! But, in today's world where plantbased diets are more common and normalized than ever before, there are tons of dairy and meat alternatives on the market. So, instead of removing 'em you can replace 'em!

Plantbased pizzas can be delicious, healthy, and far from boring. Don't
believe us? Check out some of our favorite plantbased pizza recipes
below. If we can't convince you, these definitely will!

  1. Individual Grilled Pesto Pizzas

One word – yum. Whip up these flatbread pizzas that include homemade dough, a ricotta-like bean spread, and fresh pesto. Guaranteed to leave your tastebuds speechless.

  1. Brussel Sprouts, Sweet Potato, and Balsamic Pizza

This unique pizza is the perfect meal to bring that Autumn feeling to your kitchen all year long. While it includes a classic marinara sauce, it also calls for unique vegetables that create just the right balance of savory and sweet. 

  1. Simple Vegan Pizza

Keep it classic. This simple yet delicious take on a red sauce pizza is the easiest way to get that pizza craving under control, minus the animal-derived ingredients. Follow the recipe as is or add on your own toppings – can’t go wrong either way. 

  1. Thai Green Curry Pizza

Ready to really spice up your pizza game? Go for this Thai spin on pizza that includes a hummus and curry spread, spicy Thai chile, and tons of colorful veggies. 

Feeling ready to take on the 'make your own vegan pizza' challenge? We have no doubt that your plantbased pizza creation will be unique and tastier than ever! For a longer list of plantbased pizza recipes, head here. The best part about making your own vegan pizza at home is that you can fully customize it to your liking. Feel free to spice up any of these recipes with your own favorite toppings! Sprinkle on your favorite veggies, take away the ingredients you don't like, or try something new. It's fully up to you. 

Where Can I Buy Pre-Made, Plantbased Pizzas?

Too busy to make a plantbased pizza from scratch? No problem! At The Pizza Plant, we know a thing or two about pre-made, plantbased pizzas. Both our Everything but The Hog vegan pizza and our Salsiccia Italiano vegan pizza are made with a delicious, Organic Thin Crust Dough, and are topped with Organic Marinara Sauce, Cashew Style Nut Cheese, and Plantbased sausage or Plantbased Pepperoni. All of our ingredients are 100% plantbased, healthier for you than the ones in regular pizza, and tastier than ever.

Our plantbased pizzas are absolutely worth tasting, and if you’re
feeling curious, make sure to try out both of our signature, vegan
pizzas. For a plantbased pizza topped with vegan pepperoni, check out our Everything But the Hog vegan Pizza. For a plantbased version of an Italian sausage pizza, check out our Salsiccia Italiano vegan Pizza.

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