Pizza Hut and Plantbased Eating: Do the Two Go Together?

If you’re currently plantbased or embarking on your plantbased journey, you may be wondering if there are still ways to eat your favorite comfort foods. One of the most popular comfort foods worldwide is pizza. Tons of people make fresh pizzas at home, buy frozen pizzas from the store, or even grab fast-food style pizzas at places like Pizza Hut

But, is it possible to find plantbased versions of a food that is commonly associated with meat and dairy? Can you still eat at Pizza Hut if you’re vegan? Are there better options for plantbased pizza out there? We’re here to answer all of these important questions for you. At The Pizza Plant, our sole mission is to bring you delicious, 100% plantbased options for the best food out there: pizza! 

Can I Eat at Pizza Hut if I’m Plantbased?

Short answer: Yep! Long answer: There’s better options out there. 

At Pizza Hut, there are definitely ways that you can make your pizza plantbased. One way to do this is to order their signature, “Veggie Lover’s” pizza without cheese. This will leave you with a pizza made up of crust, marinara sauce, and an array of vegetables. The other way that you can get your hands on a plantbased pizza at Pizza Hut, is by opting for their “Create Your Own” pizza. Choosing this option allows you to pick your style of crust, type and amount of sauce, and veggie toppings. Of course, just be sure to stay away from crusts, sauces, and toppings that contain dairy or meat. Pro tip: Pizza Hut’s “Buttery Blend Crust” is actually vegan- so you can choose this flavor option for your crust! Click here for a list of options at Pizza Hut that are vegan-friendly. 

Does Pizza Hut have any plantbased meat alternatives? In 2020, Pizza Hut launched a test-run collaboration with Beyond Meat, and served Beyond Italian Sausage for a limited time at select locations. Unfortunately, Pizza Hut is no longer serving Beyond Meat at any of their locations, but hopefully will again soon. 

It’s also important to note that although there are ways to make your Pizza Hut plantbased, Pizza Hut uses the same equipment to make all of their pizzas, so there is risk of cross-contamination. If you are a strict vegan or have allergies to meat or dairy, you may want to stay away from Pizza Hut altogether.

Give Me the Better Options for Plantbased Pizza!

If you’re looking for plantbased pizzas that are healthier for you and more delicious than Pizza Hut, checkout The Pizza Plant. Our pizzas are 100% plantbased, organic, and scratch-made. They’re also topped with vegan cheese and vegan meat alternatives, so that you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite pizza toppings when going plantbased. If you love the taste of pepperoni, try the vegan pepperoni on our “Everything but The Hog” plantbased pizza. If sausage pizza is your thing, try the plantbased version of a classic Italian sausage on our “Salsiccia Italiano” plantbased pizza.

You can find The Pizza Plant pizzas online, or in the frozen section of a grocery store near you. 

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