Our Top 10 Vegan Gifts For This Holiday Season


The Holiday season is officially among us! A time to spend quality moments with friends and family. A time for good food and even better desserts. A time to celebrate whichever holidays you observe. And, of course, a time to give and receive gifts! As much as we love everything that comes along with the Holidays, we’re here today to focus on gifts – more specifically, vegan gifts! Whether you’re a vegan and want to put these presents on your wishlist, or are looking for the perfect gift for that special vegan in your life, we’ve got you covered! Read on to see our top 10 picks of vegan gifts for this Holiday season.

Speaking of vegan presents, give yourself the gift of plantbased pizza this Holiday season! Our pizzas are 100% vegan, wholesome, delicious, and the perfect warm companion to a day full of spreading love and gift giving. For a plantbased take on a classic sausage pizza, try our Salsiccia Italiano Plantbased Pizza. If you love the taste of pepperoni, check out our Everything But the Hog Plantbased Pizza. Head to your local grocery store or shop online for The Pizza Plant today!

Here are our top 10 picks for vegan gifts this Holiday season:

  1. Box of vegan chocolates
    ‘Cause who doesn’t love chocolate? 100%  vegan chocolate, that is. 
    Find one here

  1. Faux fur scarf
    Help your gift recipient cozy up this winter with a warm, fuzzy, and fully vegan fur scarf. 
    Find one here

  1. Automatic Nut Milk Maker
    We have a hunch your vegan pal is super into non-dairy milk (like most vegans are!) Fuel their obsession with this easy-to-use appliance.
    Find one here

  1. Vegan purse
    Any vegan fashion-lover would gasp at the sight of a beautiful vegan-leather purse!
    Find one here

  1. Vegan cookbook
    Not all vegans love to cook, but those who do really love to cook. Gift your friend with a plethora of new recipes to try out!
    Find one here 

  1. Cute reusable produce bags
    Let’s face it. Vegans are constantly stocking up on produce at the grocery store! Make these frequent trips easy on them with cute, totally reusable produce bags.
    Find some here

  1. Vegetable chopper
    Another must-have kitchen appliance for the vegan who loves to cook.
    Find one here

  1. Vegan silk pillowcase
    Hey, vegans need their beauty sleep too! These super soft, luxurious pillow cases can help.
    Find one here

  2. Coconut bowls and spoons
    If your vegan gift recipient is a smoothie-bowl lover (which our guess is, they are) then they’ll love these aesthetically-pleasing bowls and spoons made entirely out of coconuts!
    Find some here

  3. Vegan bottle of wine
    Unfortunately, not all wines are vegan-friendly. But luckily, the list of them we linked below are!
    Find some here

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