Our Top 10 Picks Of Plantbased Protein Bars


If you’re a plantbased eater like us, then you’re probably quite familiar with the question, “how do you get your protein?” In fact, you may hear this question so often that even thinking about it makes you roll your eyes. But the truth is, protein is an important part of everyone’s diet. Your body uses proteins to build and repair muscles, keep your bones healthy and strong, and make hormones among other essential enzymes. And so, no matter what diet you follow, it’s important to have an idea of where your protein comes from – especially if you live an active lifestyle. 

The simple fact is, despite popular belief that protein only comes from eating meat and other animal-derived foods, plants actually contain more protein than you might think. It is entirely possible to live a plantbased lifestyle while still giving your body the optimal amount of protein-rich foods. One way to ensure that you’re eating enough protein on a plantbased diet is by snacking on plantbased protein bars. Yep, fully plantbased, wholesome, and protein-packed bars not only exist, but are absolutely delicious! And today, we’re going to let you in on some of our favorites. 

First, let’s get one thing squared away. We’re not just talking about vegan plantbased bars. Although all of the bars listed below are vegan-friendly, they are also fully plantbased. If you want to read more in depth about the difference between vegan and plantbased, head to this blog post – but simply put, not all vegan foods are plantbased. A truly plantbased food comes directly from plants or ingredients found naturally on the earth, and does not contain artificial ingredients, chemicals, or flavors. There are tons of vegan protein bars on the market, and we’re certainly not saying you have to stay away from them. But, like with all of our foods, we prefer our bars to be made with wholesome, truly plantbased ingredients. If you do too, you’ve come to the right place! 

Read on to see our top 10 picks for the best plantbased protein bars on the market (in no particular order).

  1. Truwomen Protein Bar – Zamn Good Zesty Lemon
    With a base of brown rice concentrate and roasted almond butter, this bar contains 12g of plantbased protein and tastes lemon-y, sweet, and downright delicious!

  1. R.E.D.D Protein Bar – Peanut Butter
    Made with peanuts, pea protein, organic hemp protein, organic pumpkin seed protein, organic chia seeds, and organic quinoa, this bar contains 11g of protein and tastes like a peanut butter chocolate dream! 

  1. Dang Bar – Lemon Matcha
    Made from wholesome ingredients such as almonds, pea protein, sunflower and chia seeds, this bar has 9g of protein and provides strong flavors of lemon with nice matcha tea undertones.

  1. Larabar – All flavors
    Made with simple, clean ingredients like nuts, seeds, and fruits, these bars do not contain as much protein (around 3g) but are a great option for a nutritious, fully plantbased snack.

  1. Evo Hemp Bar – Cookie Dough
    With a base of wholesome hemp protein, this bar contains 12g of protein, on top of 5g of fiber and a variety of essential nutrients like iron, manganese, and vitamin E. It tastes like – you guessed it – delicious cookie dough.

  1. Rise Bar – Sunflower Cinnamon
    Made with pea protein, these bars boast a whopping 15g of protein per serving. Their sunflower cinnamon flavor is our favorite and is fully vegan – but make sure to check the labels on their other flavors, because some are made using non-vegan whey protein.

  1. GoMacro Macrobar – All flavors
    These bars are made using tasty plantbased ingredients and contain 10-12g of protein depending on the flavor. They have a great soft and chewy texture and are high in essential amino acids.

  1. Good! Snacks Bars – Chocolate Mint
    With a base fava bean and brown rice protein, these bars contain 15g of protein. Don’t be fooled, they may taste like candy bars, but they’re packed with essential nutrients and less than 10g of sugar.

  1. Aloha Organic Protein Bar – Chocolate Peanut Butter
    Made with pumpkin seed and brown rice protein, these bars contain 14g of protein and 6-10g of fiber. They are also high in monosaturated fatty acids which are essential for heart health – and above all, taste amazing.

  1. Pegan Date Thin Protein Bar – Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
    Aside from containing 14g of protein derived from peas and peanuts, this bar is solely sweetened by dates with no added sugars. It also contains 4mg of iron, an important nutrient for red blood cell health.

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