Organic Pizza Sauce Is Our Secret Sauce

At a drive-thru, sauce is king. At the Pizza Plant, our organic pizza sauce is the equivalent to the secret sauce at In-N-Out or the hot sauces at Taco Bell. The sauce makes the meal, and while we pride ourselves on all of our organic ingredients, The Pizza Plant organic pizza sauce is a point of pride. 

Unlike other chain sauces made with high fructose corn syrups and other questionable ingredients, our organic pizza sauce is made with ingredients you probably have in your home kitchen. As with any self-respecting marinara, tomatoes are the star. We add in tomatoes, tomato paste, safflower oil, garlic, sea salt, paprika, oregano, and black pepper. That’s it. And it’s all organic, of course. 

It’s important to know what goes into your food and into your body. We value full transparency and we’re happy to tell you exactly how we make our incredible plant-based pizzas—from the crispy crust to the organic pizza sauce. Here, we’re proud of how the (plant-based and organic) sausage gets made. 

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