Organic Frozen Pizza: Why Organic Matters

At The Pizza Plant, organic ingredients are a necessity. We were the first USDA certified 100 percent organic frozen pizza in Whole Foods, and that’s not because we’re obsessed with being first. What we are obsessed with is healthy, clean ingredients, and to us, that means organic. Always. The term is thrown around a lot these days—we’re told that some foods are more important to buy organic than others, and companies attempt to attract customers with claims like “80 percent organic.” Whether via our own research, a friend, or targeted marketing, we’re all led to believe that organic is best … but why? Here is everything you need to know about why we stand by our organic frozen pizza.

What Does Organic Mean?

According to regulated USDA standards, produce can only be labeled as organic when grown in soil that has not been treated with pesticides or synthetic fertilizers for the past three years. The crops themselves also must be free of any chemical or unnatural substances. Further, these crops must also be non-GMO, meaning not genetically modified through genetic engineering. When it comes to multi-ingredient foods—such as our organic frozen pizza—these products may only contain all-organic ingredients and may not contain any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. There is no wiggle room. When you purchase a The Pizza Plant organic frozen pizza, you know every single ingredient—from the chewy-yet-crispy crust to the spicy plant-based pepperoni—is 100 percent organic.

Is Organic Different Than Non-GMO?

Yes, there is a difference between organic and non-GMO. First off, it’s far easier (and cheaper) to source non-GMO ingredients than organic ingredients, but we’re not into compromising—at least not when it comes to our organic frozen pizza. Think of it this way: all organic foods are non-GMO, but not all non-GMO foods are organic. Organic holds the highest certification in food with the most robust standards and regulations. Further, the organic label is federally regulated whereas non-GMO is not. Several organizations offer non-GMO certification, and while standards vary, most allow a leniency in terms of a product’s overall content. For example, 1 percent of any non-GMO product can be derived from genetically modified crops. In essence, there is no way to tell if a non-GMO food is actually GMO-free. We didn’t want to take that risk with our organic frozen pizza.

What’s Wrong with Non-Organic Foods?

The Pizza Plant frozen organic pizza only contains delicious, plant-based, and clean ingredients you can actually pronounce. Sadly, that’s a rarity these days, but organic, recognizable ingredients that don’t harm the planet or human health is a must for us. Both our Everything But the Hog vegan pepperoni and wheat-based sausage Salsiccia Italiano organic frozen pizzas start with the same simple crust made with organic 00 flour. They both get a layer of seasoned organic marinara sauce and generous dollops of our gooey, housemade organic mozzarella-style cashew nut cheese. After that, they deviate in toppings. The Hog is adorned with a crown of ancho chili spiced tofu pepperoni and the Salsiccia receives a mountain of our wheat-based sausage crumble. Exceptional on their own, they also benefit from a few fresh, organic toppings when you take them home. We love adding organic red onions and peppers or finishing the pizzas with raw arugula, balsamic glaze, and a sprinkle of flaky sea salt.

Where to Buy Organic Frozen Pizza

Before we launched The Pizza Plant, organic frozen pizza was hard (if not impossible) to find. These days, you can find both our Everything But the Hog and Salsiccia Italiano organic frozen pizzas in select Whole Foods in California, Nevada, and Arizona as well as Besties Vegan Paradise, New Deli Venice, and Vintage Grocers. We’ve got our eye on nationwide retail expansion, but in the meantime, we’re offering nationwide delivery! Each eight-pack box includes your choice of The Pizza Plant organic frozen pizza and free shipping. We also have a variety box for those who want to try it all (and trust us, after you see the photos, you’re going to want to try it all). 

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