With the world slowly but surely going back to normal, we’re all feeling an itch to get out of our houses and do things again. Whether it be heading back to work in an office, visiting family or friends, or spending a night out on the town – there’s certainly a sense of gratitude in the air for the simplest activities in life. If you’re a music and arts lover, then you’re definitely looking forward to visiting theaters, museums, and art venues once again. If you’re also – like us – a vegan eater, you may be wondering which of these venues are vegan friendly. Well, we’re here to answer! Make your outing an all-around fantastic experience by getting a dose of the arts and great vegan food at one of these music and arts venues that serves up both!

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Now, let’s break down a few of the best music and arts venues in Los Angeles that offer vegan food!

  1. Vegan Playground

This all-in-one stop for music and vegan food lovers is an experience you won’t want to miss. The Vegan Playground takes place every Wednesday and Friday night in the Art’s District and Central Los Angeles. Offering live music, games, beers, merch, and of course, tons of delicious vegan food, this is the perfect event to ride solo and make friends at, or to bring your whole family and dog to!

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  1. Verdugo Bar

On a typical night, Verdugo is your average dive bar. But on every third Sunday of the month, it turns into a full-blown vegan event called the “Church of Seitan.” With food vendors, music, and their signature ‘vegan Bingo,’ it’s an event unlike any other. And – seriously – the Bingo is fun, and even offers vegan prizes that are sure to bring out your competitive side.

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  1. The Regent Theater

You may recognize this indie music and arts theater as it was featured in the 2018 film, A Star Is Born. But what you may not know is that the restaurant inside it serves vegan food. Their pizza restaurant, Prufrock, offers dairy-free cheese – meaning you can make your meal totally vegan. The venue puts on tons of great music events that you can find here. But what we’re most excited about is their upcoming ‘Night At The Regent’ this summer, where guests can watch a music documentary inside the theater. Of course – only after grabbing a slice of vegan pizza and a drink from the bar!

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  1. Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Arguably the most popular museum in Los Angeles, LACMA is also one of the largest. So, if you plan on visiting, you’ll certainly want to break up your long day by grabbing a bite to eat! Lucky for you, the restaurant inside added a fully vegan burger to its menu in 2018. Enjoy your day spent looking at the art exhibits without worrying about what’s for lunch. Or – just visit the museum for the burger. We promise it’s that good. 

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  1. The Ford Theater

The John Anson Ford Theatre is a music venue in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. The 1,200-seat outdoor amphitheater is situated within the Cahuenga Pass within the Santa Monica Mountains. Chef Jocelyn Ramirez of Todo Verde curates their incredible food lineup. With an emphasis on plant-based Mexican cuisine, Jocelyn brings the free-spirited attitude and global flavors of the LA food scene to dining at The Ford.
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Better start planning your schedule – you have lots of music and arts venues to visit! If you enjoyed this post, be sure to share it with a fellow vegan friend. And don’t forget to head to your local grocery store or shop online for The Pizza Plant. Pro tip: if you’re not feeling up for leaving the house, host your own event at home by throwing on a movie or some good music, and enjoying a warm, scratch-made plantbased pizza by The Pizza Plant! We think we’ll do that right now, actually. 

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