Level Up Your Shoe Game With a Pair of Plantbased Sneakers


When you first begin your plantbased journey, you may just be focused on eating plantbased foods. We get it– swapping out all of your favorite foods for plantbased versions can be quite a daunting task! But, when it comes to plantbased living, there are more swaps to be made outside of the kitchen. Once you’re comfortable with your plantbased diet, we recommend taking a look at other products you may be purchasing that aren’t vegan friendly. You may have some unexpected non-vegan products in your household, including your shampoo, clothing accessories, and even your shoes.

Today we’re talking sneakers. They’re highly practical, comfortable, and fashionable, but many of them are made of materials that sadly aren’t vegan-friendly. Furthermore, many types of sneakers use materials that aren’t sustainable for the planet. But, you’re in luck! There are tons of great sneaker options out there that are vegan and made up of sustainable materials, and we’re here to let you know about some of our favorites. 

Take your shoes off and put your feet up! It’s time to look at 4 of the best plantbased sneakers and sneaker brands out there.

  1. Veja

This sneaker brand was built on foundations of sustainability and eco-friendly production. The two founders began the sneaker business after discovering how sneakers were commonly made, and how sneaker production was damaging the environment. They use unconventional materials to make their sneakers, such as rubber from the Amazon and recycled plastic bottles. Although their unique, sustainable production makes them fall on the pricier side, they’re high quality, comfortable, and trendy!

Shop Veja vegan sneakers here

  1. So iLL x On The Roam

        Looking for a pop of color in your sneaker collection? Try out these vegan and eco-friendly sneakers made by So iLL and Game of Thrones actor, Jason Mamoa. The sneakers are a lavender color, and are made from organic cotton and “BLOOM foam,” which is produced from algal blooms. The rubber outsole is mixed with Eco Pure, which helps to decrease the time it takes rubber to decompose in landfills. Go for this cool pair of purple sneakers– the planet will thank you and your friends will be 

asking, “where’d you get those?”

Shop so iLL x On The Roam sneakers here

  1. Vans Eco Theory Authentic SF

One of the most popular and loved brands of sneakers is Vans. They’re a staple shoe for many, and are appealing not only for their attractive style, but also their affordability. There are quite a few models of Vans that are vegan, and you can find a list here. However, a lot of Vans sneakers, including their most iconic “Old Skool” model, are not vegan, as they contain leather. The model shown here definitely stands out from the rest, as it’s not only vegan, but made from sustainable materials. The Vans Eco Theory Authentic SF sneakers are made from organic cotton, jute laces (which is a natural fiber grown using minimal water), and natural rubber that is sourced from sustainable tree farms. They come in the Vans classic black and white checkered pattern, and look and feel just as great as their other sneakers.

Shop Vans Eco Theory Authentic SF sneakers here

  1. Nike Tanjun Sneakers

If you’re looking for plantbased running shoes from a well-known brand, look no further. Nike has quite a few options of shoes that are made from synthetic materials, making them vegan. Although Nike hasn’t necessarily practiced sustainability the way that the above brands have, their vegan sneakers are a great swap for those that use animal materials. We’ve chosen to showcase the Nike Tanjun sneakers, as they’re a classic style that appeal to most. They’re comfortable, high quality, and perfect to wear for both workouts and daily life. If these aren’t quite your style, checkout this list of both men and women’s Nike shoes that are vegan.

Shop men’s Nike Tanjun Sneakers here

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