Is Cheese Pizza Vegetarian

Is Cheese Pizza Vegetarian? All Of Your Vegetarian Pizza Questions, Answered!

If you’re considering a vegetarian diet or just got started on one, you may have some questions about which foods are vegetarian friendly, how to cook vegetarian meals, and where to find the best pre-made vegetarian meals. If you’re anything like us (or about 99% of the population) then one of your favorite foods is pizza! And lucky for you, we’re kind of pizza experts around here. So, today we’re going to answer all of your vegetarian pizza related questions. Is cheese pizza vegetarian? How can I cook a tasty vegetarian pizza? Where can I find a fully pre-made, delicious vegetarian pizza? We’ll answer all that and more below! 

Can’t wait to get your hands on a pre-made vegetarian pizza? We don’t blame you! Head to your local grocery store or shop online for The Pizza Plant. Our pizzas are scratch-made, 100% plantbased and so good – you won’t even believe that they’re better for both you and the planet! The best part is, both of our signature pizzas are topped with mouth-wateringly good plantbased meat alternatives. That’s right – no need to skip out on the delicious taste of meat pizza toppings. For a pizza topped with savory plantbased pepperoni, go for our Everything But The Hog plantbased pizza. If vegan sausage is your thing, try our Salsiccia Italiano plantbased pizza. Some may call us biased but in our opinion, if it’s from The Pizza Plant, you really can’t go wrong! 


Now let’s answer all of your burning vegetarian pizza related questions: 

Is cheese pizza vegetarian? 

Inherently, yes! By definition, vegetarianism involves cutting out all meat products from one’s diet. Unlike in a vegan diet, vegetarians can still consume dairy products (like cheese), as well as other animal-derived products like eggs and honey. So, if you are a vegetarian eater, meaning you are okay with consuming cheese, then a cheese pizza will be right up your alley! As a vegetarian, the only thing you’ll have to be weary about when it comes to pizza is meat toppings. Avoid things like pepperoni and sausage when ordering or making your pizza, but do feel free to load up on all the other tasty toppings like different types of cheeses, vegetables, sauces, and drizzles! 

What if I don’t like cheese?

If dairy, eggs, honey, and other animal-derived products aren’t your thing – congrats! You may not be vegetarian, but rather a vegan. And don’t worry. Being vegan doesn’t have to be boring, and certainly doesn’t have to mean cutting out pizza from your diet. In today’s modern world where vegan diets are more normalized and popular than ever, there are vegan alternatives out there for just about every non-vegan food. Yep, you can even find delicious vegan cheeses at your local grocery store! For a list of some popular vegan cheeses, click here.

How can I make a vegetarian cheese pizza at home?

Making a vegetarian cheese pizza in your own kitchen is a lot simpler than you may think! The easiest way to do so is by purchasing a pre-made pizza dough from your local grocery store (we love the Garlic and Herb Pizza Dough from Trader Joe’s), rolling it out, topping it with your personal favorite toppings (cheese, veggies – you know the drill), and popping it in the oven. But, if you’re looking to spice things up a bit, you can also make your own dough from scratch. Check out ‘The Best Pizza Dough Recipe’ by Sugar Spun Run‘Homemade Pizza Dough For Beginners’ by Sally’s Baking Addiction, or ‘The Best Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe’ by Taste and Tell. If you’re looking for some topping inspo, you can head here for a great list of vegetarian cheese pizza toppings. 

The key to making a delicious vegetarian cheese pizza at home is to customize it to your liking. Don’t be afraid to try out some fun toppings, because after all when it comes to pizza toppings, the options are endless! Making your pizza at home means no one is around to judge your toppings choices, right?

Where can I buy the best pre-made vegetarian cheese pizza?

We’re glad you asked! Don’t get us wrong – we love to cook. But at The Pizza Plant, we’re all about making healthy eating as easy and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we’ve spent countless time crafting up the most delectable, fully vegetarian (and vegan!) pizzas that taste just as good – if not better – as the real thing. Both our Everything but The Hog vegan pizza and our Salsiccia Italiano vegan pizza are made with a delicious, Organic Thin Crust Dough, and are topped with Organic Marinara Sauce, Cashew Style Nut Cheese, and Plantbased sausage or Plantbased Pepperoni. All of our ingredients are 100% plantbased, wholesome, and tastier than ever. Our plantbased pizzas are certainly worth tasting, and if you’re feeling curious, you can try out both of our signature, vegan pizzas online or at your grocery store.

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