How To Remain Plantbased When Your Partner Eats Meat


Let’s be real: It can be hard to stick to your plantbased diet when your partner eats meat. Even if your partner is supportive of your diet, it can be challenging to find restaurants you’re both interested in, and if you live together, shop for groceries and cook meals together. But, don’t worry! Remaining plantbased with a meat-eating partner is far from impossible. We have some super helpful tips up our sleeves that’ll make it easy to carry on with your plantbased diet, no matter who you’re eating meals with. Read on to learn how you can stay plantbased in a not-so-plantbased world!

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Here are 4 tips for sticking to your plantbased diet when your partner eats meat:

  1. Make meat an add-on.

    For the majority of traditional meals out there, meat is not the base of them, but rather an add-on. Allow us to explain further. In a spaghetti bolognese dish, the base is pasta and beef can be added in after. In a sandwich, the base is bread and deli slices and other toppings can be added on after. In a Mexican dish, the base is rice and beans and the meats and other toppings can be added in – you guessed it – after! What we’re saying is, for many meals you cook with your partner, the base can be completely vegan, and if your partner feels like eating meat along with it, they can add it on at the end! This is the simplest way to ensure you’re still able to cook meals together and enjoy the same foods.

  1. Sub, sub, sub!

    This tip goes right along with our last one! One of the hardest parts of dining with your meat-eating partner is finding meals that you can both enjoy together – without having to eat two entirely different things. So, another way to prepare and enjoy a similar meal together is by substituting meat ingredients for plantbased ones. That way, your partner enjoys their meat while you enjoy a similar, yet plantbased version. If your partner wants to cook burgers for dinner, swap out your meat patty for a Beyond Burger. If they’re craving a chicken salad, swap your chicken for these meatless ones from Gardein. If they want a tuna sandwich, whip up this plantbased chickpea-based tuna salad. You see what we’re getting at here? When it comes to eating plantbased with a meat-eating partner, substitutions are key!

  1. Find the right restaurants.

    So – it’s date night! But where are you going out to eat when you’re a plantbased eater and your partner is not? Well, lucky for you, there are tons of restaurants out there that offer both traditional meals and fully plantbased meals. All you have to do? Your research! Google restaurants in your area and read their menus ahead of time to make sure there’s something on the menu for both you and your partner. If you’re still unsure about the restaurant’s plantbased options, you can call ahead of time to ask. Some cuisines that typically offer vegan options include Asian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Indian, and more. 

  1. Ask your partner to explore some plantbased meals!

    You saw this one coming, right? We’re of course not telling you to force your partner into eating plantbased. Rather, we’re reminding you that in today’s world where eating plantbased is more popular than ever before, there’s a plethora of amazing plantbased foods out there that really don’t taste plantbased at all. Next time you’re in charge of dinner for you and your partner, pop one of The Pizza Plant pizzas in the oven. We guarantee your partner won’t even think twice about the ingredient list while devouring the vegan cheese that melts and oozes like the real thing and the plantbased meat toppings that are beyond savory and satisfying. Head to your local grocery store or shop online for The Pizza Plant today. Our pizzas have plantbased eaters and meat eaters alike coming back for seconds!

We hope you feel inspired and motivated to stick to your plantbased diet in your non-plantbased relationship! If you found this post helpful, be sure to share it with a friend or family member who may find it helpful. Or, hey – share it with your meat-eating partner! They’ll probably find these tips useful as well.

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