How Our Plantbased Pepperoni Came To Be What It Is Today


Behind every great product is an even greater backstory – and when it comes to our plantbased pepperoni, there’s certainly a story to be told! Made with fully plantbased ingredients (yep, you heard that right!) and bursting with classic savory flavor, our plantbased pepperoni is the greatest out there. We know, we’re probably biased, but if you’ve tried it out yourself, you’ll know just what we’re talking about. Today, we’re going to let you in on just how The Pizza Plant plantbased pepperoni came to be what it is today. So buckle up and keep on reading! We have a feeling this post will be one of your favorites.

If you haven’t tried out our plantbased pepperoni yet, what are you waiting for? Our delectable plantbased pizzas are only a grocery store run away – or better yet, a click away if you order them online! So head to the frozen section of your store or to the GTFO It’s Vegan Marketplace and stock up on our Everything But The Hog plantbased pizzas. One taste will have you wondering, “where did this come from and why does it taste so good?” Lucky for you, you’re about to find out. 

Ready to learn all about our plantbased pepperoni’s origins? Let’s get into it!

When we came up with the initial idea to create a fully plantbased pepperoni, there were a few things that were incredibly important to us. First and foremost, just like with our pizza crust, sauce, and other toppings, we wanted each and every ingredient in our plantbased pepperoni to be wholesome, organic, and truly healthy. After trying out multiple different recipes, we landed on an ingredient list made up of a “meaty” tofu base, as well as a wide array of organic spices and marinades. Our vegan pepperoni begins with wheat gluten and tofu, and then is mixed with a blend of seasonings and marinades that includes safflower oil, onion, tamari, agave, sea salt, paprika, garlic, black pepper, and cayenne. All of these ingredients are organic, vegan, and derived straight from plants. For a full list of the ingredients in our Ancho Chile Spiced Tofu Peperone, click here.

Something else that was essential to us when it came to our finished product, was that our plantbased pepperoni tasted as close to the real thing as possible. A common misconception about vegan eaters is that they choose to for-go meat because they simply don’t like the flavor and texture of it. While this may be true for some, many plantbased people actually still crave the taste of meat, but don’t eat it due to ethical or environmental reasons. We wanted to make eating plantbased as easy as possible for all people, whether they were fully plantbased or not. Making our pepperoni taste just like meat (without the meat!) was the best way to ensure accessibility and enjoyment of our product. Did you know that 36% of all pizzas sold in the United States include pepperoni? We made a fully plantbased version of America’s favorite pizza topping – and guarantee that it tastes just as good as, if not better than the real thing. 

Lastly, in creating our plantbased pepperoni, it was important to us that quality ingredients were used at all costs – literally. Our pizzas may seem a bit more expensive than your regular frozen pizza, but what you’re really paying for when you buy The Pizza Plant is quality. Each of our ingredients is organic and carefully picked to only add to the nutrient value of our pizzas. While cheaper vegan pizza brands may use corn-based artificial ingredients such as dextrose or maltodextrin, as well as artificial colors and dyes, we believe that including these products to lower our costs is a non-starter. To provide even more clarity, we sell our pizzas at wholesale price to UNFI for $6.59 per pizza. If you find the price of our pizzas to be excessive at your specific retailer, feel free to contact UNFI who sells it to each retail store a different price points. At The Pizza Plant, we’re all about transparency and community. We want our pizzas to spread happiness and health across all those who enjoy them. That means never straying away from our core values of providing wholesome, quality, and tastier-than-ever plantbased pizzas to anyone and everyone who wants them. 

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