Greta Thunberg: Why The World Needs Us All to Go Plantbased


Greta Thunberg says we should all be eating plantbased– and we couldn’t agree more. The 19-year-old environmental activist, known for challenging world leaders to take action in halting climate change, is also a huge advocate for the plantbased diet. And it’s no secret why. Plantbased eating is a pivotal step that we can all take in slowing climate change and healing the world of the damage caused by the meat and dairy industries.

It’s no secret that our earth needs saving, but what many may not know is just how crucial plantbased eating is to that saving. Let’s break down exactly why Greta Thunberg says we should switch to a vegan diet. We hope you feel inspired to begin or continue eating plantbased– The Pizza Plant, Greta Thunberg, and most importantly, the planet, will thank you.

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In a Twitter video last year, Greta broke down all of the reasons that we, as the human race, must stop consuming animal products. Greta puts it frankly, saying that if we do not stop eating these products, “we are f***ed.” She brings up multiple, science-backed arguments to support this statement that are as follows: 

  1. Up to 75% of all new diseases come from other animals. The COVID-19 virus that took the lives of millions, as well as Ebola, SARS, MERS, HIV-AIDS among many others, derived from other animals because of the way that we farm and treat nature. We have cut down forests and destroyed nature to a point that allows for diseases to easily spread from animals to us. Greta says that because of this, “the next pandemic can be much, much worse. But we can change.” 
  2. 83% of the world’s agricultural land is used to feed livestock, yet livestock only provides 18% of our calories. The amount of land needed to raise livestock for meat and dairy production is equivalent to the land-mass of North and South America combined. Greta says that if we continue raising animals for food and clearing land to raise animals, “we will run out of land and food.” 
  3. If we keep making food the way we do, we will destroy the habitats of most of the wild plants and animals. Which in turn, will cause countless species to become extinct. This will uproot and destroy our entire ecosystem, which is not only terrible for plants and animals, but directly detrimental for us. 
  4. Agriculture and land use make up for ¼ of Greenhouse Gas emissions. Greta says that if we were to all switch to a plantbased diet, we could save up to 8 billion tons of CO2 emissions every year, feed ourselves on 76% less land, and “nature could recover.”
  5. Every year we kill more than 60 billion animals, not even including fish, which are killed in such mass quantities that they have to be measured by weight. 70% of the animals we farm worldwide live inside of factories, and in the U.S. the number jumps to 99%. Their lives are nothing short of miserable. 

Greta acknowledges how heartbreaking it is to know all of this information. But she leaves us with a message of hope, saying that “we know what we can do.” We can change our farming practices, what we eat, and how we treat nature. She says that as a human race, we have the most power, and therefore, the most responsibility. Do your part and take action in any way that you can– today. Most of us have the power to make small changes in our lives that will ripple into greater, meaningful change for the world. She leaves us all with a simple question: “what will you do?”

We hope you feel enlightened on the massive impact that eating plantbased can have on the environment and the future of our world. If you found this post insightful, share it with someone who needs to hear the plantbased message.

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