Get Out And Vote! Why Voting Is So Important, No Matter Your Party


The Midterm Elections are upon us and it is your duty as a U.S. citizen to get out and vote, regardless of who you’re voting for. Not so sure that voting is your thing? Well, we’re pretty sure you’ll think otherwise by the end of this post! At The Pizza Plant, we’re big believers in practicing your right to vote (no matter your party) and encourage every eligible voter to do their part this election season. We’ll break down all our “why’s” below – but in the meantime, heat up your plantbased pizza and get your voting ballot ready! It’s time to get serious about voting.

We’re serious when we say that there’s no better meal to enjoy pre or post voting than our plantbased pizzas – or while you fill out your mail-in ballot (just be careful not to get sauce marks on the pages!) Fuel your brain so you’re in the right headspace to place your votes with a delectable, wholesome, scratch-made pizza from The Pizza Plant! Our pizzas are 100% vegan and made with nutritious, organic ingredients that are sure to make your mouth water and your stomach satisfied! Head to your local grocery store or shop online to stock up on The Pizza Plant. We promise you won’t regret it! 

What Are The Midterm Elections?

Great question! The midterm elections are held half-way through a president’s four-year term (hence the word “mid-term”). They are not presidential elections, which occur every four years and involve voting for the President of the United States. Rather, they allow us to elect members of Congress, state legislatures, and state governors. What makes these elections particularly important is that they directly determine how much power the current president will have for the remainder of their term. Electing congress-people of the same party as the president allows the president to pass bills or laws more easily, while electing members of an opposing party does the opposite. These elections also heavily affect the kinds of policies that will be passed in your residing state. Needless to say, the midterm elections are incredibly important, especially if there are particular beliefs, policies, and laws you feel strongly for or against. In our day and age, there are plenty of those to fight for!

Our Top 3 Reasons For Why You Should Vote In The Midterm Election:

  1. It’s your right (and may not have been just decades ago!)
    Your right to vote as a citizen of the United States is not one that should go underappreciated, especially if you are a part of a marginalized group. Just 100 years ago, women succeeded in their lengthy and difficult struggle to earn the right to vote, and merely 50 years prior to that, black men won their right. Whether you belong to one of these groups of people or not, it is your duty to practice your right for the people who could not in the past and may still struggle to do so in the present day. Let your voice be heard and vote – not just the upcoming midterm elections, but all future elections too!

  1. The policies and people you’re voting for are importan
    We get it. When you’re watching the news or reading an article, talk about laws and the people creating them can get monotonous and boring. However, these laws, policies, and governing people are more important than you may think. Decisions on where your tax money is going, who will be taking a seat in our powerful Congress, and how your state will handle problems in society are truly up to you as a society member. Something else to consider is that just because a governmental decision doesn’t directly affect you doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting others in your community. The best way to create your dream community? Vote for it! 

  1. If you don’t vote, someone else will
    Voting is easy and painless, and not taking a few minutes out of your day to fill out your ballot can result in someone with opposing views taking your place. The matters on which you have the right to vote for or against are incredibly important, and not voting means allowing someone else to choose where your tax dollars go, who your lawmakers are, and what rights your children have. Practice your right and feel at peace knowing that you did so.

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