Exciting New Products and Inventions in the Plantbased Meat Industry


If you’ve been paying any kind of attention over the past decade or so, you’ve probably noticed that the plantbased diet has made some heavy strides in popularity. What once was an abstract diet to many has now become a well-accepted way of living in many parts of the world. Aside from being “trendy” on social media and in mainstream culture, plantbased eating is also scientifically backed as a healthy way of living and an amazing mode of protecting our planet and the animals that inhabit it. In fact, there are tons of proven benefits to going plantbased, and you can read all about them here

As the plantbased diet has grown in popularity, so have new products and inventions in the plantbased space, most of which are truly astounding! Lucky for you, we’re going to let you in on a few of our favorites that have hit the market recently. These products and inventions, along with countless others, are at their core, making it easier and more enjoyable for people to go plantbased – something we love to see! More ground-breaking inventions leads to more plantbased people, and more plantbased people leads to an overall healthier population and planet. So, get excited! Because these inventions are truly capable of changing the world.

Speaking of exciting plantbased products, have you tried The Pizza Plant? Our goal was and always will be to create plantbased, healthy, and delicious alternatives to pizza that make eating plantbased easy and enjoyable. Our “Salsiccia Italiano” Frozen Pizza is the perfect alternative to a traditional sausage pizza, and our “Everything But The Hog” Frozen Peperone Pizza is made just for a vegan, pepperoni-lover. Our pizzas make the transition to a plantbased lifestyle easier than ever, because we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice great tasting food when going vegan.

We hope, at The Pizza Plant, to make a difference in the world with our plantbased pizzas, and to make going plantbased easy and enjoyable. Our pizzas are scratch-made, organic, nutritious, and mouth-wateringly good. You can find our pizzas at your local grocery store or by shopping on the GTFO It’s Vegan Marketplace. But enough about us – let’s get into some incredible new plantbased products and inventions:

  1. Cuts of Plantbased Meat

    If you’ve been a plantbased eater for a while, you’ve probably had your fair share of vegan burgers, chicken nuggets, ground beef, and more. However, what you most likely haven’t had is a fully plantbased cut of meat – and that’s about to change. Japanese Company, Next Meat, recently debuted their plantbased skirt steak and short rib, and we predict a good number of companies will follow in their footsteps. Plantbased food scientists have truly only hit the tip of the iceberg when it comes to possibilities in the plantbased meat industry, and their knowledge of creating plantbased meats continues to increase rapidly. Who knows? You may even find yourself enjoying a fully plantbased cut of fish in the near future! 

  1. Simulate Chicken Nuggs

    You might’ve noticed this brand in the frozen section of your grocery store recently. We say that because their packaging is hard to miss! And if the packaging hasn’t made you fall in love with these plantbased chicken nuggets yet, then trust us when we say that the flavor will. Of course, plantbased nuggets aren’t relatively new to the plantbased industry. But, we needed to add this brand to the list because of just how incredible these ones taste! You truly can’t get any closer to a real chicken flavor, and we guarantee if you have your meat-eating friends try them, they’ll agree. Find them here

  1. Yo! Egg

    Eggs aren’t technically a meat product, but they do come from chickens! And this new invention is just too cool for us to not include. You may have heard of or tried Just Egg, a revolutionary brand that created the first popularized plantbased scrambled egg. But Yo! Egg is here for their time in the spotlight, with the first ever fully plantbased egg that is able to be fried, poached, boiled, scrambled – you name it! With less saturated fat and no cholesterol compared to regular eggs, we have a feeling this brand will be a hot hit in the plantbased world very soon (and a savior of chickens!)

  1. Plantbased Wagyu Teriyaki

    As if plantbased beef weren’t revolutionary enough, you can now enjoy plantbased Wagyu from a company called Wamame Foods. In case you aren’t familiar, Wagyu is a highly-marbled, Japanese-style beef that is treated as a true delicacy in the meat-eating world. Traditional Wagyu is quite expensive, but the plantbased version? Not so much! You can grab a large serving of this plantbased meat on the GTFO It’s Vegan Marketplace for only $19.99. While you’re there, be sure to stock up on our plantbased pizzas as well. One plantbased Wagyu and a couple of The Pizza Plant plantbased pizzas? Sounds like you’re all set for a week full of delicious dinners! 

  1. Honorable Mention: Perfect Day Ice Cream

    Last time we checked, ice cream doesn’t contain meat. However, this plantbased invention is certainly one you should know about! Just like scientists have started developing “cell-equivalent” plantbaseds meat in a lab, they have also begun creating “dairy identical” products that aren’t derived from animals. More simply put? Real dairy. No cows involved.  Perfect Day’s invention is now used in products like Brave Robot and Modern Kitchen, and none other than Leonardo DiCaprio has joined the company as an advisor. We haven’t gotten our hands on this vegan ice cream yet, but you can bet that we will as soon as we see it in our local grocery store! 

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