Essential Spices To Make Mouth Watering Plantbased Sausage


If you’ve tried out our plantbased sausage, you’ve probably wondered how in the world it tastes so good. You know, being fully plantbased and all. With a similar texture to real sausage and a flavor that’s arguably even better than the real thing – you aren’t alone if you feel a bit bamboozled! But along with being bamboozled, you’re in luck, because today we’re going to break down exactly what makes our plantbased sausage taste so incredible. So, keep on reading and share this post with a plantbased friend, ‘cause we’re about to do a deep-dive into the world of The Pizza Plant’s plantbased sausage! 

Haven’t tried out our fully vegan sausage? It’s time to change that! You can try our sausage by shopping online for our Salsiccia Italiano pizza or picking one up at your local grocery store. After one taste, you’ll understand why we claim our plantbased sausage to be the best out there. Always scratch-made, always crafted with wholesome ingredients and spices, and always ready-to-devour in minutes – The Pizza Plant is the way to go when it comes to getting your vegan meat fix! 

What Makes Our Plantbased Sausage So Tasty?

Wondering just what it is that makes our plantbased sausage so special? We’ve got one little word for you: spices. They may not seem so important, but trust us, they are! Spices are what gives our plantbased sausage that savory, just-like-the-real-thing flavor. They’re what keep you coming back for seconds. Still not convinced? No worries! We’re going to break down each of the spices that are included in our Organic Italian Spiced Wheat Crumble. Better yet, we’ll let you know why each of them is essential in making our sausage taste the amazing way that it does. 

  1. Sea Salt and Organic Black Pepper

    This may go without saying, but salt and pepper make everything taste great – plantbased sausage included.

  1. Organic Cumin

    This earthy and warm spice is actually a part of the parsley family. It tastes amazing atop savory dishes, and adds a hearty flavor to our plantbased sausage. 

  1. Organic Chili Flakes

    A little spice is never a bad idea, and a tiny amount of chili flakes adds a punchy aftertaste to our sausage.

  1. Organic Fennel

    This herb is quite important in our plantbased sausage, as it balances out the savory flavors with sweetness. Next time you try our sausage, notice the ever-so-slight sweet aftertaste. That’s fennel doing its job!

  1. Organic Thyme

    This minty and herby spice adds quite a nostalgic Italian flavor to our plantbased sausage. A small amount goes a long way in creating a delicious, earthy flavor you know and love! 

  1. Organic Onion and Garlic Powder

    Meet two staple pizza spices our plantbased sausage couldn’t go without. These spices add a familiar kick of flavor that we’re sure your taste buds could picture right at this moment. 

  1. Organic Oregano

    Disclaimer: Although this spice is not included directly in our plantbased sausage, you’ll taste it in our Organic Marinara Sauce. When mixed together with a bite of the vegan meat, it adds an native-Italian, herbal flavor that we couldn’t write this post without mentioning. 

So, the secret’s out. Spices are the key ingredients to our delectable vegan sausage! Of course, there are other wholesome ingredients involved, and you can find the full list of nutrition facts here. But, don’t spend too much time on the computer screen… You’ve gotta run over to your local grocery store for a Salsiccia Italiano plantbased pizza! You’re probably craving one by now – and we don’t blame you. 

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