Dominos Vegan

Is It Possible to Eat Vegan at Dominos?

If you’re vegan, you know how difficult it can be to eat out at restaurants, and to grab quick food at fast food places, such as Dominos. Sticking to a vegan diet means avoiding all animal-derived foods, including meat, dairy, and eggs, and unfortunately, most traditional meals contain at least one of these ingredients. Pizza is one of these traditionally non-vegan meals. However, it is possible to still enjoy pizza on a vegan diet, and we’re here to tell you how! Let’s break down how you can eat vegan at Dominos, as well as where you can find the best, pre-made, fully vegan pizzas elsewhere.

How Can I Make My Dominos Vegan?

The best way to make your Dominos pizza vegan is to order a thin crust pizza with regular tomato sauce or barbecue sauce and as many veggies as you’d like. Of course, avoid the cheese and the meat toppings, and be sure to let Dominos know of your dietary restrictions to ensure that they do not add any non-vegan ingredients by accident. Dominos currently does not offer any vegan cheese or meat alternatives. However, Pizza Hut recently did a trial run with Beyond Meat in some of their locations, so Dominos may follow behind them soon! You can also order veganized versions of pasta and sandwiches at Dominos. For a vegan pasta, order pasta with no sauce, as many veggies as you’d like, and a side of garlic sauce or marinara sauce to dip each bite into. For a vegan sandwich, go for the Mediterranean veggie sandwich with no cheese, and with a side of garlic, marinara, or barbecue sauce for dipping. Click here for a full list of the vegan ingredients offered at Dominos. 

Curious about other fast-food pizza chains? Pizza Hut also offers some vegan ingredients on their menu. Click here for our full analysis and breakdown of how you can eat vegan at Pizza Hut. 

And, remember… both Dominos and Pizza Hut use the same equipment for their regular pizzas as they do for their vegan ones. So, if you’re concerned about cross-contamination for allergy purposes, it may be best to stay away all-together.

Where Can I Find Fully Pre-made Vegan Pizzas?

If you’re looking for the best pre-made, vegan pizzas, look no further. The Pizza Plant is where it’s at! Our pizzas are 100% plantbased, scratch-made, Organic, and mouth-wateringly good. We begin both of our signature pizzas with an Organic Thin Crust Dough, and then top them with Organic Marinara, Organic Mozarella Style Cashew Nut Cheese (which is a delicious, vegan cheese alternative!), and either vegan pepperoni or a vegan Italian sausage crumble. To try our vegan pepperoni, go for our Everything But The Hog plantbased pizza. To try our vegan sausage, go for our Salsiccia Italiano plantbased pizza. 

Our pizzas are better for both you and the environment, and make sticking to a vegan diet easy and enjoyable. Head to your local grocery store to stock up on The Pizza Plant today. Or shop online to have our plantbased pizzas delivered straight to your door.

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