Dairy Free Frozen Pizza Crust

Where to Find the Best Dairy Free Frozen Pizza Crust 

If you eat dairy-free, then you’re familiar with this fact: lots of foods and meals contain dairy! 

Unfortunately, it can be hard to eat out at restaurants or to opt for pre-made meals when trying to avoid dairy for health, environmental, or allergy reasons. And, if you’re dairy-free, one meal that you may think of as a “no-go” is pizza. Pizza is known for containing cheese, making it quite often, not dairy-free friendly. But you may be surprised to know that in our modern world where eating dairy-free and plantbased is more normalized than ever, there are quite a few options for 100% dairy-free, pre-made pizzas on the market. That’s right– you can still enjoy the wonderful taste of pizza, even while maintaining a dairy-free diet. 

Today, we’re talking about crust. Every good pizza must start with a delicious dough that becomes a crispy crust when baked. Whether you’re dairy-free or plantbased, there are quite a few options on the market for pre-made, frozen crusts and pizzas that don’t contain dairy or any animal-derived ingredients. At The Pizza Plant, we’re all about making dairy-free pizzas that are not only better for both you and the planet, but are so tasty, that you won’t even miss the dairy! Shop online for our pre-made, frozen pizzas that are dairy-free, plantbased, and oh-so-craveable. 

Looking for the best dairy-free frozen pizzas and pizza crusts? Read on to learn our picks for the tastiest, dairy-free frozen pizzas and crusts.

Craving a Tasty Pizza That’s Dairy-free and Plantbased? 

Look no further! The Pizza Plant is here to save the day. Our pizzas are not only dairy-free, but 100% plantbased, scratch-made, and mouth-wateringly good. We begin both of our signature pizzas with an Organic Thin Crust Dough, topped with Organic Marinara Sauce and dairy-free, Organic Mozzarella Style Cashew Nut Cheese. Our Everything But the Hog plantbased pizza is topped with our savory, plantbased version of pepperoni, and our Salsiccia Italiano plantbased pizza is sprinkled with our house-made vegan sausage crumble. For a full break-down of our ingredient lists, head here. If you’re dairy-free, The Pizza Plant is the way to go when it comes to getting your pizza fix! Head to your local grocery store or shop online to try our delicious, plantbased pizzas. 

Do Pre-made, Frozen Pizza Crusts Contain Dairy?

Usually, no! Although most frozen pizzas contain dairy, the majority of pre-made, frozen crusts don’t. Pizza crust is traditionally made from flour, yeast, water, salt, and olive oil– all of which are dairy-free by nature. However, some crusts do contain additional ingredients such as cheeses, which of course, are not dairy-free, or eggs, which are not plantbased. For the most part, pre-made crusts will not contain dairy or eggs, which makes them dairy-free and plantbased by nature. So, head to the frozen section of your local grocery store to find a delicious, pre-made pizza crust that will suit your dietary needs! Just be sure to check the label to confirm that your crust doesn’t contain dairy, or any other unwanted ingredients, such as eggs. 

What Are The Best Dairy-Free Frozen Pizza Crusts and Pizzas?

Looking for the best-of-the-best when it comes to pre-made, dairy-free pizzas? Here are some suggestions for the tastiest, dairy-free frozen pizza crusts and fully pre-made pizzas. You can find these in the frozen section of your local grocery store or online, using the links provided below:


  1. Little Northern Bakehouse

These pre-made pizza crusts are dairy-free, vegan, and make the perfect base for a delicious, dairy-free pizza. They come in two styles, thin and thick, and are also gluten-free. You can find them at many health food grocery stores, like Sprouts or The Fresh Market. Top these pizza crusts with sauce, vegan cheese, and any other dairy-free toppings, for a tasty and healthy, dairy-free pizza. 

Find them here

  1. 365 Everyday Value

Whole Food Market’s brand, 365 Everyday Value, makes whole wheat, pre-made pizza crusts that are fully vegan and dairy-free. Three of their tasty options, including the Whole Wheat and Sprouted Wheat pizza crusts, as well as their Rustic White Pizza Crust, are dairy-free. However, their cauliflower crust is not dairy-free, so steer clear of that option. While you’re picking up your pizza crusts at Whole Foods, you can also find The Pizza Plant in their frozen section. That’s right! Our delicious, pre-made, dairy-free pizzas can be found at Whole Foods, and you can head to our website to claim a Buy One Get One Free coupon to use at Whole Foods Market. 

Find them here

  1. Angelic Bakehouse

These pre-made, flatbread pizza crusts come in packs of 2 or 5, and are dairy-free, plantbased, and a healthy option when it comes to making a dairy-free pizza. You can find these packs of pizza crusts at many grocery stores, or even better, you can order them online from Amazon or their website to have them shipped straight to your door! Try their regular flatbread pizza crust, their pizza crust buddies, or for an even healthier option, their low sodium pizza crusts. 

Find them here

  1. The Pizza Plant

If you’re looking to avoid the hassle of making your own pizza using a pre-made crust, try out The Pizza Plant, for fully pre-made pizzas that are dairy-free and delicious! Our pizzas come in two signature flavors, Everything But The Hog and Salsiccia Italiano, which both begin with a tasty, Organic Thin Crust, and are topped with Organic Marinara Sauce, Dairy-Free Mozzarella Style Nut Cheese, and vegan pepperoni or sausage. 

Find them in the frozen section of a local grocery store or online to have them delivered straight to your door. 

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