Check Out These Black, Plantbased Chefs 


February 1st marks the beginning of Black History Month, a time for us all to reflect on and honor the struggles, achievements, and history of Black people in the U.S. And, at The Pizza Plant, we’re especially excited to shine the spotlight on Black, plantbased chefs! 

Plantbased cuisine brings people together, promotes health and well-being, and is delicious for the tastebuds and healing for the soul. Today, we’re talking about Black, plantbased chefs who are spreading the magic of a plantbased diet across various platforms. We hope you feel just as inspired to read, listen to, and try out the work of these chefs as we do! And if you do, be sure to share this post to a friend or family member who could use some plantbased motivation. 

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Here are 5 of our favorite, Black, plantbased chefs:

  1. Tabitha Brown 

If you’ve read any of our past blog posts, you know how much we, at The Pizza Plant, adore Tabitha Brown. As a mother, wife, and advocate for plantbased living, Brown will inspire you both in and out of the kitchen, sharing delicious vegan recipes and her brilliant lessons about holistic health and wellness. She got her start on TikTok, and now also has a Youtube channel, a must-follow Instagram page, and her own book titled “Feeding The Soul: Because It’s My Business.” Trust us when we say that to know Tabitha Brown is to love her! 

Check out her Instagram here  

  1. Ayindé Howell

Ever tried the vegan “Mac n Yease” from Whole Foods Market? If so, then you know just how tasty it is, but you may not know that it was created by plantbased chef, Ayindé Howell. Howell created this delicious recipe by turning his great-grandmother’s family recipe plantbased, and Whole Foods quickly picked it up. Howell was also a restaurant owner and executive chef at the incredibly young age of 20, and to top it all off, is also an actor and performer. 

Check out his Mac and Yease here

  1. Babette Davis

Looking at Babette Davis, you would never believe that she is 70 years old. She resembles all of the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, and is fit and healthy beyond belief. Davis wakes up every morning at the crack of dawn, works out, and then heads to her own restaurant, Stuff I Eat in Inglewood, CA, to prep the kitchen for each busy day. Her mission is to provide comforting, plantbased foods to those in less accessible communities, and her delicious recipes and unbreakable spirit have inspired people globally. 

Check out her Instagram here

  1. Jenné Claiborne

Better known by her social media name, Sweet Potato Soul, Jenné Claiborne makes vegan eating exciting and easy. Claiborne shares her recipes on her Instagram page, ever-growing Youtube channel, and in her cookbook, “Sweet Potato Soul: 100 Vegan Recipes for the Southern Flavors of Smoke, Sugar, Spice, and Soul.” With her hundreds of unique, flavorful vegan recipes, and her captivating, positive energy, Jenné Claiborne is without a doubt worth checking out.

Check out her Youtube channel here

  1. Bryant Terry

To say that Bryant Terry is well-accomplished would be the understatement of the century. He is a vegan chef, food justice advocate, author of four cookbooks and founder of 4 Color Books, a tribute to Black culinary ingenuity across history. In 2015, he won a James Beard Foundation Leadership Award for his work in food justice, and he is paving the way for food accessibility in the Black community. Take this as your sign to immerse yourself in Terry’s work… you absolutely won’t regret it! 

Check out his books here

There are tons of amazing, Black vegan chefs out there, and we couldn’t possibly name them all. For a more extensive look at chefs who are doing incredible work in the plantbased community, head here. Happy Black History Month!

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