Always Wholesome, Always Nutrient Dense: The Story Behind Our Plantbased Sausage


Ever tried a food that was so delicious, you just had to know its ingredient make-up? So, you checked the back of the package only to gasp and say, “well, no wonder it’s so tasty! This food contains crazy levels of sugar, tons of artificial ingredients, and unbelievable levels of trans fat and sodium.” You’re not alone. And unfortunately, this common experience not only happens with those traditionally unhealthy foods (think processed snacks like chips and sodas), but with plantbased foods as well that, as we’re told, are supposed to be naturally better for you.  

Let’s face it: The plantbased market has become saturated. As more and more people try out the plantbased diet, it’s only natural that more and more brands spring up every day, offering “the next best thing” in vegan food. The problem? Many of these brands use ingredients in their “plantbased” foods that are not derived from plants – dyes and artifical ingredients that make the whole point of going plantbased obsolete. 

At The Pizza Plant, we recognize this problem and are putting an end to it, one wholesome, plantbased pizza at a time. All of our ingredients are truly plantbased and truly good for you, including those in our plantbased sausage. So, what makes The Pizza Plant special? Why is our plantbased sausage truly the next best thing, in a pool of countless other plantbased sausages? We’re prepared to answer those questions, because we believe that when it comes to plantbased foods, you should never have to settle for anything less than wholesome, nutrient dense, and of course, delicious. 

How Did The Pizza Plant Plantbased Sausage Come To Be What It Is Today? 

Just like in making our pizzas, we began with concepting our plantbased sausage from scratch. Our intention has and always will be to create wholesome, nutrient-dense pizza toppings using the best ingredients out there. All of our toppings, including our plantbased sausage, are fully scratch-made and crave-worthy. Best part? They simply happen to be made using only plants. 

We intended for our plantbased sausage to be flavorful and similar in texture to animal-derived sausage – with the only difference being in the actual makeup of the topping. In the early stages of crafting our plantbased sausage, we contemplated the flavors and textures of animal-derived sausage, and then set out to create a fully plantbased version that only included wholesome ingredients, while still giving consumers a real taste of Italy.

What Was The Main Goal Behind Crafting Our Plantbased Sausage? 

Don’t get us wrong – we’re big believers that everyone should try out a plantbased diet for the good of their health and the health of the planet. But, we get it. Simply flipping a switch and making the world go plantbased isn’t going to happen. So, when creating our plantbased sausage, our main goal was to craft a mouth-wateringly good, healthy meat alternative that would have plantbased people, plantbased-curious people, and full-on carnivores alike coming back for seconds. If every person made an effort to swap out even just a few meals here and there for fully plantbased ones, our world and the animals who inhabit it would be in much better standing. Our plantbased sausage is here to make eating plantbased more convenient, as well as truly wholesome and healthy – without sacrificing flavor at all.

What Makes Our Plantbased Sausage Special?

Throughout the entire process of creating and finalizing our plantbased sausage, our main priority was ensuring that each and every ingredient was nutrient-dense. Our sausage truly stands out because it contains zero nutrient-deficient ingredients, artificial dyes, or preservatives. It includes tasty, wholesome ingredients like Organic Vital Wheat Gluten, Organic Sage, Organic Fennel, and Organic Thyme, that all are made to fuel and power your body – rather than harm it. By the way, for a full list of ingredients in our Salsiccia Italiano plantbased pizza, you can head here

At The Pizza Plant, we not only believe in creating delectable food. We also believe in community, trust, and transparency. We craft foods that spark conversation, that allow people to eat plantbased and thrive while doing so. Our pizzas allow friends and families to enjoy wholesome, plantbased meals together, and they allow us to connect with fellow pizza-lovers and plantbased advocates. Our plantbased sausage is the best out there, because we simply won’t settle for less. 

So, go ahead. Take a bite of our Salsiccia Italiano plantbased pizza. Think to yourself, “wow, this is delicious!” and then, check the ingredient label. We guarantee your taste-buds and your mind will be fully at ease. 

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