“As I grow older and ponder the meaning of life,I find myself returning to the same answer. It’s family, friends, and community."


Our human need for community and connection is as fundamental as our need for food. Food is in fact the bridge to community and connection as well as being the centerpiece of most of the major milestones in our lives.

Food connects people from all walks of life. Over a meal, people can experience and share a wide range of emotions. They can celebrate together, express love for each other, and convey heartbreak and disappointment; they can form and foster business and personal relationships; and so much more.

Arguably the most popular food in the world, and therefore undeniably one of the leading foods that bring people together, is pizza.

THE PIZZA PLANT, with its 100% USDA Certified Organic, whole-food, scratch-made, nutrient-dense, made-with-love, craveable, plant-based pizza, is committed to building community and connection and to making the world better one pizza at a time.

As a company, we have a bold and audacious vision.

THE PIZZA PLANT intends on making a difference.

We aim to be strategic, nimble, and purpose-driven in order to generate the necessary growth that will allow us to have the greatest possible impact across the world.

To that end, we work diligently to hire the absolute best: those who are infinite learners, have a positive attitude, dedication to excellence, commitment to family and community, and who accept and respect one and all.

Next, we select the highest quality ingredients to ensure that we provide our community the most nutrient dense yet craveable pizzas.

Finally, we are committed to supporting our community philanthropically.

Be it feeding the homeless via our partnership with Union Station Homeless Services, a forty-five-year-old non-profit organization based in Pasadena or our partnership with The Chloe Temtchine Foundation, which endeavors to generate public awareness of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) through advocacy, community outreach, and entertainment in the hopes that one day there will be a cure or Barber Shop Books, an organization committed to inspire Black boys and other vulnerable children to read for fun through child-centered, culturally responsive, and community-based programming and content.