7 Dairy-Free Ice Cream Treats to Pair with Pizza


Have you noticed that most ice cream pints have changed their serving size? Instead of the conservative half cup portion, serving sizes have increased to a more generous and satisfying two-thirds cup. Take this as a sign to eat more ice cream this summer—after you’ve finished a few slices of The Pizza Plant pizzas, of course. Few foods pair better than plant-based pizza and ice cream, and we should all give ourselves permission to enjoy this delightfully indulgent pairing more often. These days, most supermarket freezers have entire sections devoted to dairy-free ice cream and novelties. Pick up a few The Pizza Plant Pizzas first (they’re also found in the frozen section) then turn around to face the ice cream shelves and grab one of these seven sweet, frozen, dairy-free treats. 

1. Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Pints

This beloved ice cream company was one of the first dairy-based brands to branch out into the world of dairy-free, and they nailed it. Now with 19 non-dairy flavors, Ben and Jerry are still pushing the pace when it comes to innovative flavors of vegan ice cream. Choose from an original non-dairy flavor such as Colin Kaepernik’s Change the Whirled or go classic with the non-dairy Phish Food. We swear, it’s even better than its dairy counterpart. After a hearty dinner of The Pizza Plant’s Everything But the Hog pepperoni pizza or the vegan sausage-based Salsiccia Italiano, a single scoop of Ben & Jerry’s is all you need to be satisfied. That ice cream eats like a second meal! 

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2. Trader Joe’s Hold the Dairy! Mini Coconut Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Cones 

If you went a little overboard on pizza but your mind is still craving sugar, opt for just one of these adorably pixie-sized cones. They taste just like a Nestle Drumstick—right down to the chocolatey core at the very bottom. It’s the perfect end to a pizza-heavy meal. 

3. Alden Organic Dairy-Free Sammies 

This vegan-friendly ice cream company takes the classic ice cream sandwich and makes it better—way better. There’s a greater ice cream-to-cookie ratio, and with dairy-free ice cream this good, we’re here for that. Flavors come in the classic vanilla bean, a caramel-on-caramel variety, and a key lime option that packs a delightful pucker. 

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4. Van Leeuwen Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Like Ben and Jerry’s, this artisan ice creamery is all about the chunks and swirls. Each pint is loaded with mix-ins and sweet ribbons that will make you swoon with every decadent bite. A generous scoop of the Vegan Cookie Crumble Strawberry Jam or the Vegan Passionfruit Layer Cake is a lovely palate cleanser after a few slices of The Pizza Plant Pizza.
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5. Nubocha Dairy-Free Gelato

When you pair The Pizza Plant pizza with this dairy-free gelato, it’s officially Italian Night at home. These pints are creamy and decadent, but surprisingly low-calorie. We don’t know how they do it, only that it’s exceptionally good. The chocolate, peanut butter, and pistachio are all must-trys.
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6. NadaMoo Sugar-Free Pints

Looking for a sugar-free option that doesn’t taste like artificial sweetener? We were, too, until NadaMoo debuted a line of sugar-free, dairy-free ice cream pints. At first, we were skeptical, but one bite and we were happy to be proved wrong. Sugar-free flavors include some of the brand’s best-sellers including mint chip, chocolate, vanilla bean, and strawberry.

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7. CoolHaus Dairy-Free Sammies

Take two insanely delicious, monstrous, chewy cookies, a large scoop of dairy-free ice cream, and make a sandwich. That’s what CoolHaus has accomplished with its single-serve, hand-sized, dairy-free sammies. The options exceed far beyond the run-of-the-mill chocolate chip and vanilla ice cream combo. The dairy-free CoolHaus flavors have fun with varieties like Cookie Dough Lyfe, Cookies & Cream, and Horchata (a personal favorite). Depending on how much plant-based pizza we’ve consumed, sometimes we’ll slice these in half … other times, the whole thing is devoured in one go. Like pizza, we’re selective when it comes to sharing. Sometimes it’s just too good. 

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Find all of these dairy-free ice cream treats where you get The Pizza Plant pizzas—Whole Foods, Gelsons, or online. To find one of these retailers near you, visit our store locator page. To order nationwide pizza shipping, visit our delivery page
We want to know what your favorite dairy-free ice cream flavor is! Post a story, tag us on Instagram @thepizzaplantusa, and give us a follow!

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