5 Podcasts that Are All About the Vegan Lifestyle


Are you living and breathing the vegan lifestyle? How ‘bout listening to it? 

If you’re always working on upping your vegan game, whether that be in the kitchen, while eating out at restaurants, or while deciding which clothes to purchase, a great way to stay up-to-date on plantbased news and ideas is through listening to podcasts. There are tons of podcasts out there to help you along your vegan journey, and today we’re letting you in on 5 of our favorites. 

Pop your headphones in, go for a walk, clean the kitchen, or lay in bed… These 5 podcasts make for the perfect, vegan inspired background noise. 

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Here are 5 vegan-centric podcasts that are certainly worth listening to:

  1. Switch4Good

Hosted by Olympic medalist, Dotsie Bausch, and actress and certified health coach, Alexandra Paul, the Switch4Good podcast is all about using plantbased food as a way to fuel, nourish, and heal our bodies. The two women interview a variety of guests on the show, including expert nutritionists, pro-athletes, physicians, and plantbased celebrities, all with the goal of spreading the plantbased message and helping listeners optimize their own health and well-being. If you’re looking to heal from the inside out using a plantbased diet, this is the podcast for you. 

  1. The Bearded Vegans

On The Bearded Vegans Podcast, hosts Andy Tabar and Paul Steller talk all things controversial when it comes to the ethical gray areas of the vegan diet. They pride themselves on having real, in-depth, and often uncomfortable conversations about veganism, with the goal of creating a more effective and inclusive animal rights movement. And, as a side note, the podcast is often humorous and easy to listen to. The two men even plug in vegan restaurant reviews every now and then. If you’re looking for a thought-provoking, super entertaining podcast, The Bearded Vegans is worth checking out.   

  1. Live Planted– Practical Vegan Living

The Live Planted podcast is all about sharing ideas and tips that make living vegan easy. Host and plantbased advocate, Alyssa, has conversations with insightful guests about eating and living vegan in a practical way. She specifically discusses topics such as weight loss, pregnancy, tips and tricks, and delicious recipes. Curious how you can make a vegan diet stick and work for real? Check out The Live Planted podcast!  

  1. The No-Bullsh*t Vegan Podcast

This podcast is just as entertaining and unique as the name makes it sound. Host, Karina Inkster who is the author of four books, an award-winning online coach, and a 19-year vegan, busts myths and lies in the plantbased world. She replaces this “B.S.” with science-based facts, and aims to help listeners level up their health and fitness through following a vegan diet. Described as a “healthy kick in the butt,” this podcast will have you inspired and motivated to take on and master a vegan lifestyle.

  1. Brown Vegan 

Beginning her plantbased journey in 2010 for ethical and health reasons, Monique Koch is now on a mission to help others discover the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. She specifically aims to inspire veganism in the Black community, and interviews tons of other Black vegans on her show. Alongside her podcast, she also has a Youtube channel where she shares recipes using easy and accessible ingredients. If you’re looking for easy to follow advice, and tips and tricks for maintaining a vegan lifestyle, check out this inspiring, entertaining podcast. 

We hope you found your new, favorite, vegan-based podcast. It’s time to get listening! But, before you do, be sure to head to your local grocery store or shop online for The Pizza Plant. Both of our signature pizzas are just the thing you need to kickstart your vegan diet. 

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