5 Instagram Accounts You Should be Following if You’re Vegan


Looking for some virtual, plantbased inspiration?

The best way to stay motivated and inspired when trying out a vegan diet is to surround yourself with others who are doing the same. That’s right- build your own vegan community! But, what if you only have a friend or two who are vegan, or are even embarking on your plantbased journey alone? Not to worry! In our digital day and age, where you can find wonderful communities on a variety of virtual platforms, there’s a vegan community out there for everyone. Social media is one of the best places that you can find like-minded vegans who will motivate you to stick with your vegan diet. 

Specifically, Instagram is an amazing place to find people who post vegan-based content. There are thousands of accounts that post about vegan recipes and the vegan lifestyle. Today, we’re letting you in on 5 must-follow accounts if you’re vegan! These accounts will help you out on your vegan journey, giving you daily vegan inspo and delicious vegan recipes to try out. 

Here are 5 must-follow Instagrammers if you’re vegan:

  1. Tabitha Brown: @iamtabithabrown

Looking for delicious plantbased recipes and even more love and good energy? You’ve got to follow Tabitha Brown! Self-proclaimed as the “World’s Favorite Mom” (which we would definitely have to agree with), she posts about veganism and health, incorporating vegan meals into your and your family’s diet, and spreading compassion and love to ourselves and others. She will no doubt inspire you to live your vegan truth!

  1. Jenné Claiborne: @sweetpotatosoul

For unique vegan recipes that make eating vegan easier and tastier than ever, check out Jenné Claiborne’s page, cheekily named @sweetpotatosoul. From Matcha Chocolate Sticky Buns to Spaghetti and Lentil Meatballs, this page will have you discovering your new, favorite vegan recipes daily! 

  1. Angela Liddon: @ohsheglows

For tips on using food as a tool to “glow from the inside out,” check out Angela Liddon’s page, @ohsheglows. Her plantbased recipes are just as craveable as they are healthy, and if you just can’t get enough of her vegan recipes, you can also check out her three, amazing cookbooks

  1. Jeanine Donofrio: @loveandlemons

If you’re just beginning your transition to a vegan diet, check out @loveandlemons. Her recipes are always vegetarian, and often vegan, making it easier to slowly work in plantbased foods into your new diet. From nutritious salad recipes to vegan sweet treats, Jeanine Donofrio will certainly inspire you in the kitchen.

  1. Andrea Hanemann: @earthyandy

If, on-top of being vegan, you also are gluten-free, you’ll definitely want to check out Andrea Hanemann’s page, @earthyandy. Based in Hawaii, she is always posting fresh, nutritious, plantbased and gluten-free recipes that will have your mouth watering! 

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