4 Must-Watch Documentaries on Plantbased Living


In our last blog post, we gave some great book recommendations for new and current vegans. But, maybe reading isn’t your thing. We get it! Watching movies is another, fantastic way to feel educated, inspired, and entertained. There’s tons of must-watch documentaries out there for those who want to learn more about the benefits of plantbased living. 

Pop a The Pizza Plant plantbased pizza into the oven, cozy up on the couch, and grab the remote: Here’s 4 documentaries that we, at The Pizza Plant, love and recommend for plantbased newbies and veterans, alike. 

  1. What the Health (2017)

Are you thinking of going plantbased for health reasons? Well, you certainly may be after watching this documentary. “What the Health” examines the relationship between diet and disease in our society, and how the pharmaceutical industry, health organizations, and government may be behind it all. “What the Health” dives into the ideas of a traditional human diet, plantbased living, and health, in a way that no one has before. It’s a thought-provoking documentary that is worth watching, especially if you’re interested in the link between plantbased living and health. 

Watch it here

  1. The Game Changers (2018)

If you’re an athlete or curious to learn about plantbased living for athletes, The Game Changers is the documentary for you. In the film, a UFC fighter explores the lifestyles of plantbased athletes, and learns from scientists about the lies that we have been told about athletic diets, and specifically, protein. There are some remarkable discoveries made in this documentary about what kinds of foods fuel athletes for peak performance. Spoiler alert! A vegan diet may actually be the optimal diet for an athlete, going against what we’ve been conditioned to believe. 

Watch it here

  1. Live and Let Live (2013)

While many people choose to go plantbased for health or preference reasons, others may do so for the impact it can have on animals and the planet. Live and Let Live examines our relationships with animals, and the ethical and environmental reasons that people choose to eat plantbased. The documentary follows six people who have unconventionally chosen to go vegan, including former butchers and factory farmers. These people share their personal stories and reasons for going vegan, and the documentary is eye-opening to the ethical and environmental problems that we as a society choose to ignore by continuing to consume animal products. 

Watch it here

  1. Seaspiracy (2021)

Some people choose to continue eating fish when implementing more plantbased foods into their lifestyle. If you’re a current or former seafood eater, or you love the ocean and marine life, check out Seaspiracy. The documentary aired on Netflix this year, and speaks on the damage that humans have caused to our oceans. It explains why mass fishing practices are harmful to the environment and animals, and how we, as humans, must stop consuming fish. Seaspiracy also challenges the idea of sustainable fishing practices and highlights the ripple effect that human actions can have on the environment. Watch it yourself or show it to a friend– you’ll, no doubt, be thinking deeper into the benefits that a fully plantbased lifestyle can have on both you and our oceans.

Watch it here

It’s time to binge-watch some plantbased lifestyle documentaries! But first, be sure to grab a The Pizza Plant frozen pizza from your local grocery store, or order one online. Our pizzas are 100% plant-based, USDA certified organic, scratch-made, and are the perfect pairing for a movie night. For a plantbased take on a classic sausage pizza, try our Salsiccia Italiano Plantbased Pizza. If you love the taste of pepperoni, check out our Everything But the Hog Plantbased Pizza

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