3 Reasons Why Your Favorite Childhood Pizza Chain Is Doing Pizza Wrong

“There’s no such thing as bad pizza” needs to be buried six feet under. There is definitely a thing as bad pizza, and anyone who’s been to a child’s birthday party or a certain arcade chain with a giant mouse mascot knows it. Even Pizza Hut is doing it wrong. We said it, and here are three reasons why.

1. Pizza Hut Is Not Plant-Based

Plant-based is the future, and Pizza Hut and other pizza chains are trying to turn back time to the days of the Pizza Hut parlor. While the nostalgia factor strikes a chord, those parlor days are gone—as are our eight-year-old tastebuds and iron stomach. Plant-based food sales have grown by 43 percent in the past two years—that’s nine times faster than total food sales, according to the Plant-Based Food Association. It’s clear consumers are craving more plant-based options in the form of gooey cashew mozzarella, meaty tofu pepperoni, and seitan-based sausage crumbles. While Pizza Hut is stuck in the past, The Pizza Plant has these cravings covered. Think of us as the plant-based Pizza Hut of the future that just so happens to be available at your local Whole Foods, Gelsons, or independent natural grocer

2. Pizza Hut Tried (and Failed) at Plant-Based Pizza

We bet you didn’t see that coming. As bizarre and conspiracy theory-esque it may seem, Pizza Hut is obligated to pedal dairy cheese due to a partnership with the USDA’s National Dairy Promotion and Research Board (aka the Dairy Checkoff Program). This governmental agency worked with Pizza Hut to develop the chain’s infamous Stuffed Crust Pizza in order to sell more cheese. Yikes. Going the plant-based route would derail the dairy-pushing efforts of the government and its puppeteer—the dairy lobby—so while we would love to see a completely plant-based Pizza Hut pizza in the near future (even for nostalgia’s sake), it’s not likely to happen any time soon.

There’s Better Pizza

As mentioned earlier, we’ve grown up from the days of Pizza Hut-fueled sleepovers and cheap pizza-themed parties. Honestly, most adult stomachs have a hard time digesting all of that dairy and grease, anyway. But we can still enjoy pizza with as much delight as we did when we were nine. The Pizza Plant pizzas aren’t fancy (though by all means, feel free to gussy them up if you please). They’re downright comforting, warming, and filling—which is exactly what we want out of a pizza. When you keep a few in your freezer, you don’t even have to think about tipping the delivery guy. Take a moment of silence to mourn the shortcomings of Pizza Hut, then move on to the deliciously plant-based future. 

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